ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Easily Spoil Meat

Check out this ARK: Survival Evolved guide to learn how you can make meat spoil faster. Discover what are the requirements and process to easily spoil meat in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Unlike any other video games, spoiled meat is one of the most important resources in ARK: Survival Evolved. These spoiled meats are one of the required materials to create a narcotics, that can be useful to tame some beasts in the game. However, creating spoiled meat is time-consuming. Fortunately, we have this awesome trick that you can use to speed up the process of spoiling meat.

ARK: Survival Evolved

How to Spoil Meat Faster in ARK: Survival Evolved

If you’re using a mod or trainer, you can easily get meat spoiled faster than usual. However, if you’re a player who doesn’t rely on these kinds of ARK: Survival Evolved trainers, there’s a neat way to speed up the process.

For those who have a lot of meat, it is highly recommended to split it as soon as possible. In case you’re not aware, each piece of meat will take a longer time to spoil. The best way to spoil meat is by finding a storage container and separating a single stack into all of the slots. With this method, you’re waiting not for only one piece, but all of the separated meat.

Are you still confused? Here’s a short recap of the speed up process of spoiling meat.

  • Search for a large chest where you can spoil a huge amount of meat at once.
  • Split one stack into stacks depending on how long you’re willing to wait.
  • Waiting game. Sit and relax until all the meat have been spoiled.


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