Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order – How To Defeat the London Monitor

In this guide, we’ll be learning the procedure to defeat the London Monitor Boss is Wolfenstein the new order.


  • Max Health and Armor
  • The holy Laserkraftwerk


When you finally get out of the London Nautica building, you’ll encounter this giant mech called the London Monitor.

And we’re supposed to destroy this giant mech, fear not, I’ve got you covered.

Since we are in an open area, we surely need some cover in order to keep ourselves safe from the mech’s rockets. There are some pipes nearby, which are safe from the mech’s rockets. These pipes do contain charging stations for Laserkraftwerk. If your LKW isn’t charged completely, now is the time to do it

Once you’ve charged your LKW, you gotta deal with the Monitor now. All you have to do is, just come out of the pipe and stay in the open (just be close to the pipe). Once you come out of the pipe, London Monitor notices you and tries to shoot its laser at you via its eye.

Once its eyes start turning red, just shoot its eye with your Laserkraftwerk. Once you do that, it gets interrupted and starts shooting rockets at you.

Now when it’s ready to fire rockets at you through its hands, shoot the orange-colored part on its hands (that’s where the missiles come from) so that the part gets destroyed and it will fire fewer rockets next time.

There are 6 orange-colored parts, you should repeat the previous step until you destroy all the rockets. Make sure you charge the LKW completely before going for the attack.

Now once you destroy all the rockets, you get the chance to destroy the Monitor completely.

Since the mech lost all its rockets, the only way it can give you damage is through its eye and its machine guns.

Now again, once it’s ready to fire a laser through its eyes at you, shoot its eye and this is where you’ll get the opportunity to defeat it.

Once you shoot its eye, you must run towards its bottom hole and shoot straightly into it.

This is the trickiest part of this boss fight since you need to act very quickly before the bottom hole closes again

Once you successfully hit the hole, the London Monitor gets destroyed.


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