Unturned All Weapon Attachments ID List

This is a guide for all the Unturned weapon attachments and their IDs.

Underbarrel Attachments

  • Vertical Grip [id: 8]
  • Bipod [id: 143]
  • Horizontal Grip [id: 145]


  • 7x Scope [id:153]
  • 8x Scope [id:21]
  • 16x Scope [id:296]
  • Shadowstalker Scope [id:302]
  • Shadowstalker MK II Scope [id:1442]
  • Military Night Vision Scope [id:1201]
  • Cross Scope [id:22]
  • Chevron Scope [id:148]
  • Dot Sight [id:146]
  • Halo Sight [id:147]
  • Kobra Sight [id:1004]
  • Green Dot Sight [id:23537]

Barrel Attachments

  • Military Suppressor [id:7]
  • Military Barrel [id:149]
  • Military Muzzle [id:150]
  • Ranger Suppressor [id:144]
  • Ranger Barrel [id:1191]
  • Ranger Muzzle [id:1190]
  • Bluntforce Makeshift Muffler [id:1444]
  • Makeshift Muffler [id:477]
  • Honeybadger Barrel [id:117]
  • Crossbow Barrel [id:350]
  • Bow Barrel [id:354]
  • Paintball Gun Barrel [id:1338]
  • Nailgun Barrel [id:1167]
  • Matamorez Barrel [id:1002]

Side Attachments

  • Tactical Light [id:152]
  • Tactical Laser [id:151]
  • Adaptive Chambering [id:1007]
  • Rangefinder [id:1008]
  • Bayonet [id:1438]


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