Strangeland – List of Active Numbers for Payphones

Here’s the list of numbers payphone accepts in the Strangeland game.

Secrets and Stuff

There are only a few figures. This is not as complicated as the terminal in Primordia.

  • 7405334 – Joke: A paid support hotline for Lucas’s hints and tips.
  • 911 – Flavour: A terrible 911 operator who has had a long day and hangs up at the first opportunity.

Hint System

By dialing 0 on the in-game payphone, you can get hints.


To continue the story, the player must summon a Valkyrie lady to summon the 3-times a charm. Chariot: 4311013

Note: A hex editor is used to extract numbers. I didn’t look too deeply into it, so if you find any others, please let me know.


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