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Stars Die – Dybowski’s Secret Ending Guide

This is a guide to get Dybowski’s Ending which is considered a “secret” ending as unlike the main endings, you have to go out of your way to find specific structures.

You can do any of these except the last one, in any order and you will get the same dialogue regardless, but it is very important that when you talk to them, you always take their side otherwise you will be locked out from this ending and be forced to repeat it.

First Structure

If you walk towards Eldrige’s boat from the base, you will notice a colorful tree to your left that you can not reach. To get to it, simply go to the blue forest from the base, then look at the structure to the left with bulbs sticking out of it (this is also where you get Rygg’s ending), what you want to do is slowly climb down them until you can get into the opening, you can then reach the colorful tree and interact with it.

Second Structure

Again from the base, head towards the blue forest, but stop as soon as there is raised ground to your left, jump/climb on it and keep following it until the ground dips, you have to jump down from this dip, then follow the path until you see a purple tentacle going into the cave, where you will find the next structure, that looks like a Uvula. Also, there is a Pangolin here for some extra dialogue, and a well-hidden hamster picture needed for the secret ending.

Third Structure

You can easily see this one above you, if you standing next to Eldridge’s boat, it looks like a tongue. Should be obvious how to get to it, but if not. Go to the place where you first meet Rygg and Ngugi on the opposite side of the blue forest from the base, follow the cliff and look for the tongue below you, then simply fall down on top of it to interact.

Final Structure and Departure

You have seen this one before if you already beat the game, it’s the cross-looking thing the team investigates in the middle of the blue forest. Interact with it and it will tell you to go back home, to do this, go to your boat from the beginning, get inside and interact with the wheel as you did in the intro.

Congrats, you just got the worst ending from the whole game, at least you get an achievement I guess lol


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