Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation – Love Failed Achievement Guide

Detailed instructions on how to complete the LOVE FAILED! achievement for the Karamari Hospital DLC. This guide serves primarily to clear up common misconceptions about the Sunshine Academy sequence.

Locating the Game Device

Upon having inserted the emblem into a frame in one of the office rooms located on the first floor, a section of the wall will shift inward to reveal an ominous staircase.

After a lengthy walk downwards, the player will arrive in the secret laboratory, a partial map for which can be seen here:

From the entrance, take an immediate left, head down the narrow hallway and take another left. A small console can be found on a desk after having found the room, allowing the player to begin the Sunshine Academy side game.

Game Introduction

Sunshine Academy is a visual novel game in which the player is given different dialogue choices to influence the ending sequence.

Upon starting the game, the player will be introduced to a school environment and greeted by classmate Ume Ito.

However, the players’ prolonged interactions will lead to her detachment and eventual death.

The objective is to have yourself expelled from the academy in an effort to prevent such an occurrence. This is achieved mainly by choosing the unusual dialogue options and discouraging further exchanges.

Achievement Completion

Sunshine Academy’s gameplay is split into multiple days. The first two playthroughs of the game will always result in an unfavorable ending, regardless of the players’ choices. After completing day 4, Ume will begin to rot away at which point the player can press ‘escape’ to end the playthrough.

At the end of the third day of the third attempt, Ume will ask the player to walk home with her. It is necessary to decline her request in order to receive different prompts on the next playthrough; the third attempt will result in the standard bad ending.

On the fourth attempt, the player will be given odd dialogue choices from the first encounter. The player must select these, as they will be met with a ‘Love Failed!’ screen by the fourth day, upon which the achievement will be completed.

It should be noted that leaving and reentering the room will reset the game’s progress.


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