Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster – How to Fuse Metatron

This guide was made to have this information present on the Steam client so people don’t have to go to random Gamefaqs threads from 10+ years ago.


Do you want to punch God in the face? Want to do it with one of his own? Do you too want to have a kickass robot angel fight by your side? This guide is for you! I’ll be detailing what you need to fuse the ultimate Seraph, Metatron!

Now, you may be asking, “Why should I fuse Metatron? My demons are great and I can just Focus+Freikugel.”

While this is true, Metatron has a few strengths that set him apart and make the grind worth it. For starters, he’s the only demon with the Fire of Sinai skill which inflicts mega almighty damage to all foes. Second, he actually has hidden resistances to Physical, Fire, Electricity, and Force attacks, which means he takes half damage from the previously mentioned attacks.

It should also be noted that while it’s easiest to fuse him following the True Demon Path, Metatron can be acquired with different endings. Simply complete the Labyrinth of Amala AFTER you enter the Tower of Kagutsuchi.


These are the requirements to fuse Metatron. All must be met before he may be fused in the Cathedral of Shadows. They are as follows:

  • Metatron must be beaten first. Therefore, you have to beat all the other fiends to get the Candlebras, get the Star Key from the Manikin, and journey to the 5th Kalpa to slay him.
  • You need to be at a high enough level. You have to be level 95 to even fuse him, and that’s assuming you aren’t doing a sacrificial fusion.
  • You’ll need/want a lot of money. Fusing Metatron is a process, to say the least, and grinding at the Center of the Conception will help out a lot with this.
  • It’s recommended to be at the Tower of Kagutsuchi 3. You’ll need demons from here and the Cathedral of Shadows is right across from an Amala Terminal, perfect for sacrificial fusions.
  • Record ALL demons you get in the compendium. If you lose one or get a fusion accident you’ll just have to reload your save instead of finding the demon again. Furthermore, you’ll be re-summoning demons so saving them and having a fair amount of Macca is recommended.

Also, just as a convenience for the reader I’ll be bolding demon names that will be written after their race, e.g. Divine Dominion.

Step by Step Fusion

  1. Starting off, Divine Throne evolves into Seraph Uriel. Throne is found in the Tower of Kagatsuchi.
  2. Fuse Uriel with Divine Dominion to get the Seraph Raphael. Dominion is located in the courtyard at the Amala Temple, where the three pyramids are visible.
  3. Summon another Throne and fuse it with the Seraph Raphael to create the Seraph Gabriel.
  4. Summon Raphael and Uriel, and wait for a full Kagutsuchi. Fuse the previous two as well as Gabriel together in a sacrificial fusion to make Michael. Fusion order or the sacrifice does not matter.
  5. Acquire any Divine or Seraph. Divines are at the Amala Temple courtyard, or alternatively, you could just summon a Seraph out of the Compendium.
  6. Get a Tyrant (Aciel, Loki, Mot, Abaddon, Surt, etc.) Loki is found in the Amala Temples.
  7. If you’re on NG+/next cycle it’s recommended to do some additional sacrificial fusion to fuse a high-level tyrant to give Metatron a huge stat boost. Note that you can actually sacrifice such a high-level tyrant that Metatron will reach LVL.255 and will be unable to level up, making it impossible to get Fire of Sinai on this particular Metatron.
  8. Start your next fusion on a full Kagatsuchi, fuse Michael and the Seraph/Divine and sacrifice the tyrant.

You have now fused Metatron! While the process is by no means easy or short, the end result is definitely worth it. With skills such as Fire of Sinai, Megidolaon, Debilitate, and Victory Cry in his skillset (or learnable) by default, Metatron is a fantastic demon to fuse and will do God’s work on the demons (and God too I suppose).


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