Radial-G : Racing Revolved

Radial-G: Racing Revolved Achievement Guide

Welcome to Radial-G 100% achievement guide, most of the achievements are straightforward and won’t really need much explaining however, some of them are a little grindy, like most small VR games the multiplayer is dead so you will need a friend to grind out those achievements with, and it will take hours

I’ll start with the achievements that aren’t directly connected to single-player or multiplayer which you will just complete as you play through either mode

VISIONARY – Play the game using a VR headset

PILGRIM – Play the game for a total of over 35 hours

GATECRASHER – Hit 5 slowdown gates in a row during a race

FACE PEELER – Maintain maximum speed in any class ship for 60 seconds or more

SPEED FREAK – Achieve maximum speed in a X-III class ship

ICARUS FLIGHT – Land a jump of over 400m

CRUISE CONTROL – Travel over 10 MILLION meters

ZEN MASTER – Finish 3 races without hitting another opponent or slowdown gate or fall off the track (any race with slowdown gates of 3 or more laps).

Single Player Achievements

ANTI-GRAV AMATEUR – Completed the X-I single player career mode with at least all bronze trophies

MAGLEV MIDDLEWEIGHT – Completed the X-II single player career mode with at least all bronze trophies

PHYSICS PROFESSIONAL – Completed the X-III single player career mode with at least all bronze trophies

PROTO STAR – Completed all 3 tiers of all single player career events with all gold trophies

Note: Some of the gold trophies can be difficult to get, I’d recommend doing work your way up through the classes getting the golds you can, and when you get stuck move up a class and work on more bronzes and then going back for golds later

GRAVITINO – Reach player rank level 2 offline

SLEPTON – Reach player rank level 5 offline

SNEUTRINO – Reach player rank level 10 offline

SQUARK – Reach player rank level 20 offline

MAJORON – Reach player rank level 30 offline

Note: These can get a little grindy you’ll unlock some as you play through the career and after that you’ll have to repeat the class XIII grand prix over and over until level 30, once you have all golds you’ll unlock the hellfire ship which will make it a little easier

Multiplayer Achievements


These are quite simple, can all be done in 1 race, simply boost while holding break so you lose your shield and have your partner ram you with a boost to destroy you then they use the rest of their boost/shield while holding break and you ram them and repeat until both have all these achievements

RAM-PAGE – Ram at least 10 other racers out of the way during a single race

[I AM] BERZERKER – Complete an online race having destroyed 1 other human racers

ANNIHILATOR – Complete an online race having destroyed 2 other human racers

SERIAL KILLER – Successfully destroy 15 other human racers online


To level up in the online mode you need to race against at least 1 human to get XP, after trying a lot of different things, win trading seemed to be the best way to go for this one, you get more XP as you level unless you win against a lower leveled opponent so we took in turns getting 2 levels and then switch to the other person winning this way, you’re always the same level or 1 level lower while winning, giving the best XP possible, we did it on the following race settings:

  • Track: Dead Zone Alpha
  • Race Type: Elimination
  • Elimination time: 15 sec
  • AI difficulty: Easy (doesn’t change XP)
  • Collision: Off

Doing it this way will roughly take 5-6 races per level which is around 20mins, the person winning has to be the host so they can start the race each time, the other person can go AFK or leave the game running in the background until it is their turn to come to win again

NEUTRALINO – Reach player rank level 2 online

CHARGINO – Reach player rank level 5 online

PHOTINO – Reach player rank level 10 online

HIGGSINO – Reach player rank level 20 online

PHOTINO – Reach player rank level 30 online

Other Achievements

You will achieve these while doing the leveling achievements.

CHAIN REACTION – Maintain a winning streak for 5 online races

DOMINATOR – Win 3 ‘Eliminator’ races online


And that's all for this Radial-G : Racing Revolved guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Radial-G : Racing Revolved? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Rickness666. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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