Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Easter Eggs Guide

Easter eggs are one of the most amazing features that many players have been enjoying almost every game nowadays. Ori and the Will of the Wisps didn’t waste this opportunity to lure more players, and at the same time, give the fan base the enjoyment that they wanted.

If you already played the game, I bet you already met an Easter egg in the game. But in case you missed it, here’s the list of Easter Eggs in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Easter Eggs

The most famous, found immediately by the players, namely the reference to Ku’s mother, whose face appears as a constellation during the prologue.

The Moki who likes to fish in Luma Pools: completed its quest, the Moki will return to the village but the fishing rod will remain at the lake, if you lower yourself on it and press the “shift” key, you can try to catch a fish.

In Moki village, if you pay attention in the foreground near the Kii’s ancestral tree, hidden among the flowers of the background, can you see a stylized hen, which may have to do with the next work of Moon Studios, which seems to be a Zelda-style game? We well know how famous Zelda hens are!


  • Peculiarities, if you pay attention to the background, in areas of particular interest you will see on some stones, cave paintings made by Moki as a warning. In fact, Kwolok himself tells Ori that the information has been reported to him by the Moki who scoured Niwen.
  • In Midnight Burrows complete the quest of Tokk: Ori will acquire the translation rune that Tokk was looking for. Returning it to him causes him to complain that the text is backward. This is a hint to bash off the bell-flowers in reverse order to gain access to the secret Ancestral Tree to the right of the area’s entrance, which grants Ori Ancestral Light.
  • In the early versions of the game menu, where the progress of the quests appears, it seems that there was a seventh box in the Tuley flower section, a graphic error that was then corrected with an update. Wanting to hypothesize, maybe it wasn’t a graphic error but a cut content, if you think well, of all the plants that are then grown in the village, two don’t appear (the plants on the ground that release spheres of life and the individual blue flowers to which you can grapple).

  • After defeating Mora, in Moki village, a cute spiderling will take home near Twillen’s workshop.
  • Howl is defeated but not killed, in the third large area of Silent Woods appears in the background a petrified monster like that (although the size is smaller), which is the end suffered during his escape?
  • If you notice the game map, two large unused areas appear (under Luma Pools and near Windtorn Ruins), in which two new areas could be added to explore, a bit like the Definitive Edition of Blind Forest. Apparently, in the files of the game, you can find references to a cut content that refers to an area called the “City of the Gorleks”.
  • After completing the “Family Reunion” quest, if you return to the hut of the quest in Silent Woods, you’ll see a very sad thing.
  • It isn’t uncommon for large-scale production games to use aliases to maintain secrecy in the case of a potential leak. The internal name for Ori and the Will of the Wisps was Patagonia. This name can still be seen on the product ID of the Windows 10 copy of the game and appears in the program’s namespace.
  • During the initial cutscene of Ku’s growth, in the winter section of the video, it can be seen how Ori and Naru created a snowman with the similarities of Naru’s deceased father.


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