OMORI – How to Defeat ABBI

This boss is exclusive to the Hikikomori route, and can only be accessed on One Day Left. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry about this guide until you get to ONE DAY LEFT, and if you’re not on the Hikikomori route, this guide is useless to you.

I defeated ABBI with all of my party on level 50. Don’t worry about getting to such a high level, I would recommend getting all of your party to around level 40, you can grind easily at the Seacow Farm in Deep Well.

You should be finished with the lost library, located in Sweetheart’s castle if you go in the hole on the stage. Also, remember to retrieve the 3 pieces of sheet music, found all over deeper well, so that you can defeat all of the Something’s. Defeating all of them will give you three very important skills for OMORI. You will need two of three of the skills you gain.

ABBI is located in the Abyss. The way to access the ABYSS is by getting all of the keys, then talking to the hitchhiker near the end of the road in Deep Well.

Do not worry about the Z key. You will get that on the way to the Abyss.

Skills to Equip

  • OMORI’s fear-based skills, LUCKY SLICE, and HACK AWAY, make sure to have VERTIGO as a skill, acquired from beating SOMETHING IN THE DARK. If you want, you can use CRIPPLE too, it will be useful. LUCKY SLICE will help when OMORI will become happy (you’ll see how and why later,) and HACK AWAY is a good skill to have in case you’re running low on juice.
  • KEL’s RUN N’ GUN and FLEX. If you FLEX first, then use COFFEE on KEL, then use RUN N’ GUN, it will deal an incredible amount of damage to a foe.
  • AUBREY’s WIND-UP THROW, TEAM SPIRIT, and BEATDOWN. WIND-UP THROW does damage to all foes, TEAM SPIRIT makes AUBREY and a friend happy, and BEATDOWN does damage 3 times. BEATDOWN and WIND-UP THROW are the skills you’ll be depending on for the first turns. You can get all of these as AUBREY levels up.
  • HERO’s SPICY FOOD, SMILE, and SNACK TIME. You can get SPICY FOOD from talking to the man on fire in ORANGE OASIS, SNACK TIME is retrieved from smashing a watermelon in the JUNKYARD, in the area near the download window. SPICY FOOD deals damage to a foe and makes them angry, SNACK TIME heals all friends 40% of their heart. SMILE can come in useful to lower the attack of any foe.

Items You’ll Need

  • Snacks. You can get as many snacks as needed, getting FISH TACOS should be useful for individuals which you can easily get when defeating a REVERSE MERMAID or buying them at the MAILBOX near LAST RESORT, I suggest getting them while HERO is tagged since you get a discount on snacks.
  • SODA or SMOOTHIES. You can get these at the OTHERWORLD mailbox or randomly when KEL looks for stuff through trash in the OTHERWORLD. Going to DINO’S DIG can help too. You’ll need snacks that heal JUICE since most of your turns will be skill-based for all of your party.
  • COFFEE. This can be acquired from TV GIRL after finishing her quest in the OTHERWORLD. You can do this at any time, do it before entering the ABYSS though. You will use this on both OMORI and KEL. You should get 2 COFFEES minimum, maybe more in case, KEL becomes toast. The COFFEE needs to “brew,” it’s always ready when you leave and re-enter the OTHERWORLD.
  • WHOLE CHICKEN. You can get this after resurfacing HUMPHREY, then going to MOLLY’s lab, then going in the tube on the right, which will lead you to BOSS RUSH. If you go to the MAILBOX, the whole chicken will be a purchasable item. They are pretty expensive, but if you work on the SEACOW quest, it will not be a problem. Get around 3 of them, since HERO’s SNACK TIME will help too.


  • CONFETTI. You will use this on your first turn because your party starts afraid. Topping off with AUBREY’s TEAM SPIRIT + HERO’s SPICY FOOD helps more to deal more damage. Get around 4 of them.
  • SPARKLERS. These will come in useful in case one of your party members become afraid, they will use these on themselves. Get around 5 of them.

Other Details

Since you’ll leave HERO on healing duty, don’t worry a lot about getting a bunch of snacks. Just use SNACK TIME and you should be fine.

That’s about all you should know pre-fight. Do not go to the ABYSS until you’ve finished all of this. It’s better to go straight after collecting all keys, as it saves a lot of time.

Battle Information

Before you start, remember to save by the picnic basket, since you probably climbed down a bit until you reached the bottom of the ABYSS. You can easily tell when you reach the bottom, you’ll see a picnic basket.

Your party will start off afraid, so you will get one of the party members to use CONFETTI, you’ll see why.

Enemy Details

  • The TENTACLES that ABBI has with her during battle are very powerful, they cause a lot of damage. When one of the TENTACLES dies, ABBI can easily reproduce them, so I would not suggest targeting one of these at a time.
  • ABBI herself can give moderate damage to your party.
  • You will need HERO giving your party snacks on a lot of turns, but I wouldn’t suggest constantly having him giving snacks to everyone unless any of the party members have around 1/3rd of health left or if all party members seem to be in low health. When your party members are in moderate health, just use snack time.

Your Turns

For the first turn, start off with KEL flexing, OMORI using COFFE, AUBREY using CONFETTI. HERO will go last, let him give COFFEE to KEL.

For Most Turns After:

Let OMORI use VERTIGO. This will cause an insane amount of damage to all of the foes, for me, it caused over 2000 damage to almost every tentacle except for 1, and heavy damage to ABBI since he was given COFFEE before. Using VERTIGO once, or twice, should eliminate around 4 of the TENTACLES, though she will grow back one of them while for me, one of the TENTACLES would not get any damage. This makes the fight way easier since you will be attacked less.

Let AUBREY use TEAM SPIRIT on anyone, preferably KEL or OMORI, or let her use WIND-UP THROW to deal damage on all foes.

Get KEL to use RUN N’ GUN. This attack ends up VERY powerful with COFFEE and FLEX, you can use it on ABBI, or use it on a TENTACLE. Every alternative turn, get KEL to flex so his attack will be better next turn.

Get HERO to normally use SPICY FOOD for attacking, and making ABBI or the TENTACLEs angry. This is why you used CONFETTI because then your attacks will be stronger, especially KEL’s attacks. Or get HERO to heal your party.

At some point earlier during the battle, Get HERO to smile at ABBI or one of the TENTACLES that are still there. Chances are, you won’t even need more than around 10 turns if you consistently do this.


  • The TENTACLES may make some of your party members afraid, just use a sparkler on them.
  • You can release energy if you want to, only if it’s necessary, I didn’t need to do it though.
  • I also learned that you can easily finish off ABBI first before defeating the TENTACLES, so if you want, just get KEL to do FLEX then RUN N’ GUN on ABBI only and the battle should end soon enough.

Post Battle

When you finish battling ABBI, she will ask for you to forgive her. Do that, since if you forgive her, interacting with all of the TENTACLES you saw on the floors all over the map earlier, which were actually ABBI’s, will give you ultimate weapons and good charms for each of your party members.

You’ll recognize a lot of these charms and weapons if you’ve played through the TRUE ROUTE as well!


And that's all for this OMORI guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for OMORI? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Miicrowavez. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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