Muck – How to Defeat Bosses

This guide is meant to help you learn how to defeat each boss much easier. This guide will include strategies that both help you survive, or help you cheese the boss entirely. This will also list off the drops that the bosses drop when defeated by the player and what they are used for in the world of Muck.

Big Chunk

Big chunk is a massive rock creature that will spawn in sometimes during the night. He can also appear by summoning him. You can summon Big Chunk by pressing E on his statue.

Big Chunk has 3 moves and each of them can be dodged pretty easily.

Big Chunk can smack you in two different ways. He can swing it, or slam it to the ground. The best way to dodge this is to go to his back. If you go to his back, the attack will miss you completely and it will give you the opportunity to attack.

Big Chunk is able to do a jump attack. This attack is the most dangerous, but there are many ways to dodge it.

You can dodge Big Chunks’ jump attack by either jumping over it or moving behind something (Tree, rock, etc…). If you plan on jumping over the jump attack, make sure to have some jetpack power-ups in order to clear the jump.

Big Chunk is a rocky enemy. You must use a pickaxe in order to do more damage. It is only a recommendation since other weapons also work, but pickaxe is the best choice.


  • Big Chunk will drop his own ore. This ore will allow you to craft very powerful armor. He can also drop an Ancient Core. Both of these drops are rare. He also has a small chance to drop a Hammer Shaft.
  • Normal drops are just rocks and ores.


The Guardian is a deadly foe that floats around the island. He is the most dangerous boss out of all of them. His only competition is Bob. If you see the Guardian, do not panic. The Guardian can be summoned by interacting with his statues or can be naturally spawned during the night. Each of the Guardians statues is of a different color. You are required to kill all 5 different guardians.

The guardian has 3 different attacks. Each of the attacks can be avoided. However, one of his attacks is extremely difficult to dodge in certain situations. You will have to come prepared before challenging a Guardian.

The Guardian has the ability to punch you. This attack is easy to dodge since all you have to do is move out of the way. He will punch twice. The first punch you may not dodge since it is pretty quick.

The Guardian can cause spikes to come out of the ground. These spikes will attempt to predict your movement, so quickly changing directions is the way to go. You can see where they will appear by looking for a red circle indicating the location they will appear in. These spikes will launch you into the air when you get hit by them and will do massive amounts of damage.

The Guardians final move is his deadly laser. This attack will kill you if you don’t dodge it. In easy mode, it has a chance of not killing you, but in harder difficulties, not dodging it at all with killing you almost instantly unless you have enough power-ups to save you. The only way to dodge this attack is to hide behind something. You can hide behind trees, rocks, things you built, or even terrain that was generated. You can tell when the laser is about to happen when you see him charging it up.


  • Every guardian can drop an Ancient Core when killed. The unique part about the Guardian is that they can be in different colors. The different colored guardians will drop a gem according to their color. The normal guardian doesn’t drop a gem.


Gronk is a sword-wielding enemy that moves pretty quickly. Running away won’t be a good option. Dodging his attacks, however, will allow you to survive. Gronk can appear during the night or can be summoned by interacting with his statue.

Gronk has 3 attacks just like the previous bosses. Each of them is easy to dodge if you are paying close attention to what he does.

Gronk can swing his swords around. All you have to do is move out of the way and you should be just fine. This attack also gives you an opportunity to attack him from behind.

Gronk can throw his swords at you. This attack is done twice, one for each sword. To avoid this, I recommend circling around Gronk either clockwise or counterclockwise to avoid this attack. You can also avoid it by hiding behind something.

Gronks final move is he can slam his swords to the ground to create a shock wave. You can avoid this attack by jumping, or hiding behind something.


  • Gronk can drop an Ancient Core when killed. He can also drop parts of his sword, the blade, and the sword hilt, or he can drop the entire sword without the need to craft it.


Bob is the final boss in Muck. You can only see him while on the boat in the middle of the ocean after it floods the island. There is no other way to encounter him.

Bob has multiple different attacks and each of them is able to be dodged. Do not let your guard down. Bob can shoot fireballs at you while he is flying around. The area will hit will be indicated with a red circle. Move away from the circle and you should be fine.

Bob can smash the boat with his hands. You can simply stay away from the area he smashes to avoid the attack. Bob can make it rain fireballs. Keep moving around to avoid them. Each fireball will land where a red circle is indicated.

Bob can breathe fire. This attack is a weird one. You can dodge it by running and jumping around. Bob can smash the entire boat while breathing fire. He will go from the front to the back of the boat. You need to jump to avoid this attack.

How to cheese the Bob fight:

The Bob fight can either be cheesed by staying on top of Bob’s tail. The only attack that can reach you/affect you is the fireball rain and the attack that makes him go to the front of the boat and back. You can keep on slicing his tail, and he will go down without you doing much.

To cheese Bob, I would recommend having some jetpack power-ups as well as frog power-ups in order to pull this off. Getting on his tail is difficult without them. Even if you get on the tail without them, you will have trouble whenever he does his attacks that force you off.

When cheesing Bob, the fight is entirely RNG. You want him to not do the attacks that force you off. If he does keep forcing you off, you can try switching to a strategy you think can work.


  • Bob doesn’t drop anything.


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