Mr. Prepper

Mr. Prepper – Everything is Bob Achievement Guide

Everything is Bob is one of the achievements that you can obtain in Mr. Prepper. This achievement is requiring players to inspect every plant in the game.

In Mr. Prepper, you can find a total of 14 plants. These plants are located in different areas. Here, we will be sharing with you the location of each plant in Mr. Prepper.

Everything is Bob Guide

As stated earlier, there are a total of 14 Plants you need to inspect. All but 1 of them is in Fort Observer. You have to get them all in the same save file.

Right Click on the plants and click inspect. The Achievement should unlock once the last plant is inspected. The Order is irrelevant.

Jenny’s Hut

This one is very easy to get. Unlock forest level 2, go to Jenny’s hut.

Fort Observer

These 13 are only available once you are inside Fort Observer. Do not leave the area until you found all of them.

Once you leave, you will not be able to return and have to start over.

5 are in the reception area

6 are in the next room/waiting area

The remaining 2 are on the left side in area 1.


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