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Moon Hunters – How to Defeat Filiu at the Spirit Gate

This guide will be giving you some tips and tricks on how to fight and defeat Filiu at the Spirit Gate to get the achievements called Spirit Tongue and Spirit Guardian in Moon Hunters.

Finding the Spirit Gate


  • This is a randomly generated event on an available space.
  • The event is called “Spirit Gate”, and is represented by a blue gate icon.
  • Must be in a forest space.
  • Space cannot be on fire, or else the event will not trigger even if you go into the level.

Tips on Generating the Event:

  •  Start as the mountain tribe (probably a placebo, but I found the Spirit Gates 3x this way in short succession, compared to many failed runs starting in desert or forest)
  • Look across the map to see copses of trees – you want the distinct trees, not the “background fill” trees. Mark a path that connects you to as many of these as possible to increase the chance of generating the “Spirit Gate,” and goes quickly, as the forests will start burning as time goes on.

  • You’re looking for the “Spirit Gate” icon on a forest space – if a forest space doesn’t have it, skip the level (unless it’ll help connect you to more forests). You’ll most likely be able to find plenty of merchant spaces while looking for the “Spirit Gate”.

After finding the event on the map:

  • It’s probably best to choose a nighttime activity at each camp for maximum stats, though I actually cooked alone every night when I got this achievement and had fairly low stats.

  • Try to get as many merchant upgrades as possible before entering the level, while keeping in mind the time pressure from forest burns.
  • Once you’re in the level, a red skull will mark where Filiu is on the minimap. You’ll have to interact with him to start the event, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting pulled in before you’re ready like in the arenas.

  • Make sure you’re full health before starting the event and do not break any of the pots in the event area beforehand (you’ll need them in the fight itself!)
  • When interacting with Filiu, choose the “Enter” option to start the fight (do not pick “Obey” – based on other guides, “Obey” apparently gets you a pet, but you will not get the achievements).

Fighting Filiu

Normal phase:

  • Filiu will chase you for melee attacks – he’s very fast and resistant to most (all?) crowd control, so you won’t have time to charge up your attacks.
  • Filiu will summon mob groups of little ghost spirits, which die in one hit but can quickly become overwhelming. Make sure you have a way to clear large areas at once so you don’t get unlocked by them
  • Prioritize your life above all else – use dashes between hits and break the pots on the side to heal up when you can.

Pillar phase:

  • Filiu will standstill on a column and target you with an attack.
  • The attack takes time before it’s done charging, so you can attack his column in the meantime.
  • Make sure you have enough stamina to dash out of the way of the charged attack when the reticle changes color.

After the fight:

  • You’ll get the “Spirit Guardian” achievement if you beat Filiu.
  • If you want the “Spirit Tongue” achievement as well, you’ll need to enter through the gate.


And that's all for this Moon Hunters guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Moon Hunters? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by SAmaryllis. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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