MO: Astray

MO: Astray – All Boss Guide

Basic strategies and specific tips for each boss in the game. Spoilers obviously.

The Errors

The simplest and easiest of all the bosses, to be expected of the first boss. The weak points of this boss are the several Slime-infected corpses scattered around the arena. Since the player has no way of harming these, you need to trick the boss into destroying them with its tentacles.

  • If you see one of the tentacles winding up, try to get to the other side of the arena, as it is winding up an attack.
  • If it roars during its final phase, it is about to cover the floor in spikes, try to jump onto the walls.
  • To bait the tentacles, jump onto the corpse, and wait for it to wind up an attack, and then jump off.
  • The final corpse is on its head, which is almost impossible to reach. What you need to do is trick a tentacle into impaling the Respawning Infected, jump onto its head after, and then use that as a stepping stone to get to the head. Wait for the tentacle to attempt to stab you, and then jump off.

Fatal Trap

The Fatal trap is unique among the bosses in that it is more of an Encounter than a boss. Its separated into two sections, both of which have the player using the laser built into the trap against the Inhabitants. The first phase has the player under fire from several turrets, while the second has the player trying to escape a grinder. The main difficulty of the fight isn’t the actual attacks, but all the instant-kill spikes and shredders that litter the arena.

Phase 1:

  • When the Targeting indicators turn red, they cannot change their aim and will shortly fire. This is the time to get out of the way.
  • When the cannon emerges, take your time and wait for the right opportunity to fire. Timing is everything.

Phase 2:

  • Timing is even more important than in the first phase. With the correct placement, you can melt through the Shredders HP with no problem.
  • Use the Hover time on your double jump to preserve the timing, you can stay in the air for a while.
  • If the Sparks aren’t on it, it’s safe to jump on (Spikes exempted obviously). Even if part of the platform is being shredded, you can jump on the other half if you avoid the sparks.

King of the Inhabitants

This is the first “Boss fight” Boss fight, where you can directly damage the boss without puzzle elements. It’s mostly a vanilla boss fight, dodge the attacks until he becomes vulnerable, then super dash him in the face a few times, rinse and repeat until He’s out of health.

  • His Charged attack is Instant kill. Avoid it at all costs. My advice is to jump, and then hover in the air with your double jump charging.
  • There is a subtle difference when He is charging an Arial dash, rather than a horizontal dash. Learn this, and don’t get faked out.
  • When he jumps on the walls either go underneath him or double jump diagonally away from him, whichever one is easier for your current position.


Doula is a bullfight boss, meaning the only way to hurt it is to exploit its attacks to harm it. In Doula’s case, you have to push Crates into the path of its headbutts, which are indicated by a red arrow.

  • Don’t bring out the crate until Doula is in its headbutt phase, It’s too much hassle to dance around the acid blasts. Just get it close to being brought out and then wait and dodge.
  • When it Begins using acid beams, you can dodge all of it by standing on the platform underneath its head, and then charging a double jump when the beam comes close.
  • During the interim phases, stay in the center and keep still, only moving to dodge the charges.
  • Take your time. Doula has a hard time actually killing you, since it takes forever to actually attack. If you’re patient you’ll get good chances to get an attack in.

Skilled Pilot

The Pilot is weird. Really weird. Instead of Mobility and dodging, you pilot a giant, clunky mech. Usually, this boss is a pushover, but on higher difficulties, it can become frustrating. The boss fight is honestly mostly about luck, leaving it one of the worse ones in my opinion.

  • Avoid the sky bombs. These are the highest damaging things that the boss can throw at you, so they are your main concern. Save your shield to block one if you can’t get out of the way fast enough.
  • Take advantage of your overdrive. This is where most of your damage comes from, so don’t waste it.
  • Spider mines are a major problem. if you don’t have an override, keep an eye out for one so that you can kill it before it gets to you.
  • Take out the minions that the boss summons, these can get out of hand fast.
  • You can select “Restart level” to go back to the last checkpoint, which will reset your starting HP to whatever the Devs think you should have at that point.
  • Just keep trying. This boss is beaten with Repetition, not skill. It sucks, but you just have to power through


The Penultimate boss of the game, and the 3rd boss that you are directly able to harm rather than using puzzle mechanics. Dylan is less of a puzzle and more of a challenge to your mobility.

  • Try to stay on the Floor unless you specifically need to dodge an attack. It’s much harder to avoid stuff on the Ceiling or walls.
  • When Dylan performs his Energy wave, Jump over the electricity and Hold in the air with your double jump. The attack is unable to hit you there.
  • Pay attention to the fireballs sent out by his bombs. These can very quickly chip away at your health if you’re not careful.
  • Above all, stay calm. Dylan is at his strongest when he has you panickily running away from his attacks, as most of them are best dodged with precise movements. Stay calm and collected and you’ll have the upper hand.

Final Termination Weapon/Extremergy Lifeform

The Final boss of the game, which could honestly be divided into two sections, but since the only gameplay between the two is just a bit of you getting used to the new controls, I count it as one boss.

Phase 1 (Final Termination weapon):

  • Watch for the Red lines, those indicate that an attack is about to come at you.
  • If an attack hits the boxes, they will glow and damage you if you touch them for several seconds. Keep this in mind.
  • HOLD YOUR DOUBLE JUMP. Seriously, this is more important here than anywhere else. With it, you can dodge most of her attacks with very little effort.
  • During the downtime from her attacks, pick one of the vents and start pushing the box towards it. This will make sure you don’t run out of time and have to redo a phase.

Phase 2 (Extremergy Lifeform):

  • Stick towards the leftmost coil, that’s the best position to dodge most of her attacks.
  • When she starts opening the portal to skewer you with spears slowly move up the arena, and then dash down and begin moving down when you reach the top, doing the opposite when you reach the bottom. This should dodge them no matter how fast they’re coming.
  • Try to break all the containers at least by her 3rd attack so you’re ready to strike her weak point when it’s exposed.
  • For its Laser attack in the final phase, the trick is to dash through the laser beams after it fires since they can’t hurt you outside of the surges. this will ensure that you are always in a position where you can dodge it.


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