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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Achievement Guide

Are you one of the fans trying to obtain all Mirror’s Edge Catalyst achievements? In this guide, we will be sharing with you the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Achievement Guide

Note that some of the achievements don’t have the detailed explanation as the description of these achievements are self-explanatory.

Main Story

Law-Abiding Citizen – A good Cascadian follows the rules

  • Can be missed. Right at the beginning of the game, after being released from jail, walk – do not run – to the prison gate.

Reunion – Resume your old life

  • Achieved after completing the tutorial.

Learn to Fly – Take flight with some old friends

  • Achieved after completing the “Be Like Water” story mission.

In his bad books – Escape with a gift from an old enemy

  • Achieved after completing the “Back In The Game” story mission.

Time for a Frenzied Rumble – First crack the shell, then crack what’s inside

  • Achieved after completing the “Savant Extraordinaire” story mission.

Devastation – Witness a terrifying event

  • Achieved after completing the “Gridnode Run” story mission.

Payback – Repay Dogen

  • Achieved after completing the “Benefactor” story mission.

Never Forgotten – Avenge them

  • Achieved after completing the “Fly Trap” story mission.

The enemy of my enemy – Seek out Black November for help

  • Achieved after completing the “Sanctuary” story mission.

This. Is. Glass. – Send the KrugerSec turrets into the abyss

  • Achieved after completing the “Encroachment” story mission.

Smash & Grab – Resistance is futile

  • Achieved after completing the “Vive La Resistance” story mission.

Vengeful Strike – Claw back what they took from you

  •  Achieved after completing the “Payback” story mission.

Little girl found – Discover the identity of Kruger’s deadliest asset

  • Achieved after completing the “Prisoner X” story mission.

Into the light – Escape from the heart of darkness

  • Achieved after completing the “Thy Kingdom Come” story mission.

Shattered Dreams – Take what is his and make it crumble

  • Achieved after completing the “Family Matters” story mission.

Hacker Time – Hack. Tick. Tock. Run. Repeat.

  • Achieved after completing the “Tickets Please” story mission.

Blood is thicker than everything – Defeat Kruger

  • Achieved after completing the “The Shard” (final) story mission.

Side Missions

Knowledge is power – Complete all of Plastic’s missions

Downtown Girl – Complete all side missions in Downtown

I refuse to sink – Complete all side missions in Anchor

Building Blocks – Complete all side missions in Rezoning

Viewfinder – Complete all side missions in The View

Running Errands – Complete all side missions

Progression & Customization

Spooky – Customize your Echo

  • This can be done from the Progression menu by clicking the text “Your Echo” in the bottom left of the screen. You can always revert to default.

Learn to walk – Purchase Faith’s second upgrade

Run free – Purchase half of Faith’s upgrades

With Bells On – Purchase all of Faith’s upgrades


Praise the Run – Reach full focus and keep it going

  • In order to achieve this, you must maintain a full focus bar for one minute.

Undetected Surge – Shut down any gridNode without notifying KrugerSec of your presence

Roof Runner – Complete 10 Dashes in the main game

  • Awarded simply for completing 10 dashes regardless of time.

Peak Performer – Get a 3-star rating on all Dashes in the main game

  • 22 total dashes. You must progress the entire main story to unlock them all.

Express Delivery – Deliver 10 packages

Elegant Flight – Deliver any fragile package without any damage to it

Fighting the system – Complete 15 billboard hacks and interventions

Five Finger Discount – Remove 10 electronic parts from Conglomerate terminals

I Saw You On The Battlefield – Destroy all Security Hubs

  • Available after the fourth main mission, Nomad’s “Mischief Maker” will introduce 8 Security Hubs in total.

P.I. Connors – Find every secret bag hidden in Glass

  • 40 secret bags hidden across the city and in story missions (these can be replayed in the mission select menu).

Story Teller – Find every recording and document in Glass

  • 45 surveillance recordings and 42 documents hidden across the city and in story missions (these can be replayed in the mission select menu).

Full Exposure – Collect every gridLeak in Glass

  • At the end of the game, you unlock an ability in the skill tree that makes gridLeaks visible on the map. They are the only collectibles that do this.

User Generated Finisher – Complete a user created Time Trial

  • Easily achieved by creating and playing your own time trial course.

You can’t keep me down – Get yourself to a user created Beat I.E.

  • Easily achieved by creating and interacting with your own Beat I.E.


Danger Zone – Reach full focus and take out 10 enemies before it runs out

  • Achievable in mission “Fly Trap” after arriving at the safehouse. Make sure you max out the focus bar before engaging enemies. You can restart from the checkpoint if necessary.

Hey, it’s-a-me again! – Perform a highground attack as a finishing move

Skills and Combination Moves

Easy Runner – Springboard, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll

  • Easily achieved near The Lair in Triumvirate Drive.

Veteran Runner – Shift, Wallrun, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll, Shift

  • Easily achieved near The Lair in Triumvirate Drive, similar to Easy Runner.

Tenacious Traceur – Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump

  • Easily achieved in the hallway leading to Plastic’s Safe House.

Seb’s Salute – Shift, Springboard, Wallrun, Swing Pipe, Skill Roll

  • Achievable near The Lair in Triumvirate Drive with Easy Runner and Veteran Runner.

Georges’ Garrison – Springboard, Swingbar, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil

  • Achievable in the story mission “Encroachment”, just before destroying the first sentry turret.

Belle of the Ball – Vault, Slide, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Skill Roll

  • Achievable just outside Safe House in Centurian Yards. You may need to run a few meters after vaulting before sliding.


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