Fastest Hands In The WASD

Fastest Hands In The WASD – Crit Chance Guide

This guide will explain how critical chance works, especially in cases where you have over 100%.

Crit Chance

Crit chance is the % chance you have to do extra damage (equal to your crit damage stat). Crit chance above 100% rolls again for another chance to crit, essentially meaning that your crit can crit.

Examples (if your crit damage is 200%)

  • 25% crit chance = 75% chance to do x1 damage, 25% chance to do x2
  • 100% crit chance = 100% chjavascript:BBCode_BoldSelection();ance to do x2 damage
  • 125% crit chance = 75% chance to do x2, 25% chance to do x4 damage
  • 250% crit chance = 50% chance to do x4 damage, 50% chance to do x8 damage

This pattern continues, and it basically means that the more crit chance you have, the better the value you’re getting out of your base damage and crit damage multipliers.


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