Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas – The Gun Runners Bread Bank Exploit

This guide will teach you how to exploit one of the developer’s mistakes to allow you all the caps of and any item from Gun Runners with a price within how many caps you and Gun Runners have combined. This method is pretty much the only feasible way to get more than one of the comically expensive unique 30,000 caps + Gun Runners Arsenal weapons that they sell at Gun Runners.


The first thing you need to get started is a preferably valuable weapon in the lowest possible condition, but not broken. A more valuable and more worn weapon will allow you to do the exploit faster. Getting all 2000 caps takes a while with a 357. There is also a list of restrictions that involve your level, making a full list of what level you would need to be would be comically tedious, but generally, you can tell based on skill requirements, with skill requirements 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 very generally correlating to level requirements 0, 5, 10, 15, 20. This is not an official metric by a long shot, it is more of a way to give people a general idea of which weapons have which level requirements to work with the exploit. One more exclusion is energy weapons, explosives, and melee you can unfortunately only use guns.

One location where you can get at least 2 weapons for each of the top 3 level groups that fall into these restrictions is at the armory in Vault 34, 10 mm submachine guns if you’re level 10, sniper rifles for level 15, and the riot shotgun and minigun if you’re level 20. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many valuable weapons that can be used before level 10. If you can acquire a hunting rifle from the nearby Fiends that could work too. I also can’t avoid mentioning getting to the Vault 34 armory is a rather tedious task, you’re probably gonna need to watch one of the many Youtube videos on the subject or other supplemental material about the various terminals you need to interact with and corpses to loot.

Finally, Gun Runners will have more caps based on your level, 1000-8000 based on your levels 0-20. This means that you need to be packing a lot of caps if you want to buy one of the several comically expensive 30,000 cap + items from the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC. If you are looking for this quantity of caps I recommend getting the luck of at least 7 and hitting the casinos, you’ll get about 30 grand if you get kicked out of all 3 strip casinos.

How to Perform

Once you have your hopefully valuable but degraded weapon, go to Gun Runners and sell it to them, then buy it back. You will notice that all of a sudden your weapon has completely refilled its condition to 100%. Repeat the process of selling and buying back the weapon, and you will take all of Gun Runner’s caps by selling a perfect condition weapon and buying back a terrible condition weapon, however, if you include the weapon in any transaction except by itself the exploit will stop working, or if you conduct any transaction excluding the weapon without the weapon in your inventory the exploit will stop working.

After taking all of Gun Runner’s caps, you can pause for a moment and buy anything you want from their inventory within the value of yourself’s and Gun Runner’s combined caps, and so long as you adhere to the long list of rules, the exploit will continue working, and you can restart the process of selling a good condition weapon and buying back a terrible one until you once again have all the caps.


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