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Duck Game – Making Custom Arcades Guide

This is a guide about creating your own custom arcades with their own unique challenges using my Custom Arcades mod.

Downloading the Mod

Before we can begin making our own custom arcade, we have to make sure that we have the Custom Arcades mod downloaded, which you can find in my profile’s workshop. once the mod has been downloaded by subscribing to it on the workshop, then enabled in-game, we can begin making the arcade.

Creating the Custom Arcade

First of all, we need to add the “This is a Custom Arcade” object in our level, so that Duck Game knows that this is a custom arcade and can properly load it in the game without crashing. once we have that in place, you can begin placing blocks around and making the shape of your arcade, you can make the arcade any shape you want and that is within the limitations of the Editor itself. it is also highly recommended that you add a Hub Table to your arcade so that people using the arcade can use the table to teleport to different arcades or exit the arcade. You should also make sure not to use the Arcade Door Exit object, as the game crashes if you go through it in a custom arcade, however, you can simply place a Hub table that already contains a way to exit the arcade.

Now that we have our layout, Hub Table, and The Custom Arcade Marker object, you can begin adding the arcade machines themselves. If you didn’t already know, you can use the developer console by pressing the tilde [~] key. now with the console open, you can type “poweruser” and then hit enter in order to get access to some hidden assets in the editor. with poweruser mode active, you can find the Arcade Machine object in the editor, which is located in Special > Arcade > ArcadeMachine in the editor context menu. after placing your arcade machines, you can right-click them in the editor in order to add your custom challenges for the arcade machine to use, you can make custom challenges separately.

After making your custom challenges, you can go back to your arcade machine and right-click them, then you can fill in the challenge slots with your own custom challenges. however, make sure that no arcade machine has less than 3 challenges, or else the game will crash when you start the arcade level. Also, a thing to note, using the test feature for your arcade will take you to the normal arcade, so avoid doing that, although your progress will be saved so it’s not too big of a deal if you accidentally do it.

Importing Your Arcade and Challenges

To import your arcade and challenges, go to the editor then right-click anywhere that isn’t a block to open the context menu, then hold your STRAFE key, and then while it’s pressed press the RAGDOLL key, this will open your levels directory for the editor levels. leave this open for now, as it will be useful for later. now, head over to the normal arcade, then proceed inside the arcade basement (if you don’t have access to it you can use the “getkey” command in the arcade to get a key that unlocks the door)then go down the staircase in the basement until you reach the Hub Table room.

In the room, press the SHOOT button near the table to open the Hub Table’s menu. then select the Import option. in here you can select whether you want to import a custom arcade or a custom challenge/s, select which one you want to import, Import Arcade for example, then using the levels directory from earlier, drag and drop your arcade file from the levels directory to your newly opened folder. this now should import it. after importing one of them, import the other thing you haven’t yet, the challenges, for example, now just drag and drop the challenges from the levels directory over to your newly opened custom challenges folder, and if you did everything correctly, both of them should be imported.

Using the Arcade In-Game

Once everything has been created and imported, you can now use the Hub Table and select the Load Arcade option, if you imported your arcade correctly, it should appear as an option in the menu. If you can see your arcade in the menu, select it, when selected you should be teleported to your Custom Arcade.


And that's all for this Duck Game guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Duck Game? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Firebreak. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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