Do Animals Dream?

Do Animals Dream Achievement Walkthrough and Ending Guide

100% achievement guide for Do Animals Dream? In addition to the achievements, we will also teach you the ways on how to get all endings in Do Animals Dream.

The Map

Achievement Walkthrough

The animals or items referenced in this walkthrough can be found on the map above.

  • For the intro with the whale, boat, and Oliver, choose any dialogue option
  • Go to Lionidas
  • Use [Medkit] in order to diagnose the lion
  • Go to Oliver
    • Yes, I have! Here is a list of things I will require to save the Lord.
  • Talk to Oliver again
    • Where can I find the supplies for the healing salve?
    • And… where is it found?
    • How about where on this island?
    • Perfect. And now where can I find the lithius plant?
    • You mean a garden?
    • And finally, the truffles?
    • Spóngos

Achievement Unlock: A True Etymologist – Solve Oliver’s pop quiz

  • Go to the roses
    • Smell them

Achievement Unlock:  Take a Break – Stop to smell the roses

Go to the ladder

  • Climb the ladder

Go to Caspian

  • I’m looking to fix that ladder to the nectar pool. Do you have anything to fix it?
  • Great… Excellent… Amazing… Can I… Maybe… Get that?
  • I don’t judge. I’m sure it’s fine.
  • Uh… Sure.

Go to Claire

  • No.
  • I’m looking for some items to help Lord Lionidas.
  • How would I do that?
  • Planting time!

Examine the mud patch

  • Plant the two lithius plant seeds in it!
  • Talk to Claire
  • I’ll try my best! Also… I was wondering why are you being wheeled around in that wagon?
  • I’m sorry
  • Seems like the conversation is not going well. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?
  • I understand that I may never be able to fully empathize with your pain, but as I said, if there’s anything I can do, I’m willing.
  • You got it. Do you have some paper and something to write with?

Go to Oliver

  • Do you have some paper and a pen I can use?
  • Thanks!
  • Write a beautiful letter to Claire’s kids apologizing for what humans did to her.

Go to Claire

  • Here you go.

Achievement Unlock:  A Letter to Remember Give Claire a written letter

Take the Lithius Plant behind Claire

  • Gently pull the plant out of the ground with love.

Go to Ash

  • Who’s talking?
  • Oh my, I’m so sorry.
  • Who exactly are you?
  • Why?
  • No, I meant why do you want to me kill you in the first place?
  • Hey, don’t be so down on yourself, being an ant is so cool.
  • Yeah, I’d be an ant. Seems like a less existentially draining life. Seems like you’d have very clear goals. Get food. Protect the colony and the queen. And that’s it.
  • I can’t do it. Honestly, just give it a day. Maybe talk to one of your ant friends and take a breather.
  • But you don’t know what happens when you die, you may enter a worse place than here.
  • But rationally, there are infinite possibilities better or worse than the life you live right now. So ultimately, you are making a net neutral decision.
  • Want to join me? You can just chill on my body as I walk around and stuff? I’ll be your friend.
  • Hop on, friend!

Achievement Unlock: Little Friends in High Places – Befriend Ash the ant

Go to the red bananas

  • Abe, if you’d like, you can stay here at the tree while I explore the island.
  • Sounds good!

Go to the skeleton

  • Pick up piece of skeleton.

Go to Pete

  • I’m looking for some supplies on the island. They’re to help Lionidas.
  • Let me hear it.
  • I don’t have time for this.

Go to the chest behind Pete

  • Open it
  • Kidnap the baby truffle and add it to your inventory

Go to the mushrooms

  • Rip the mushroom NOT in the goo out of the ground

Go to the brain

  • Pick up the brain.

Go to the red bananas and talk to Abe

  • Hey Abe, I’m ready for you to travel with me again if you’d like.

Go to Oliver

  • I found a corpse on the island. I believe it’s a human. Give skull to Oliver

Achievement Unlock: Scary Spooky Skeletons. – Ask Oliver about the Skull

  • I found it behind the pink tree past the river.

Use the cauldron next to Oliver

  • Thanks! Create [Healing Salve]

Go to Lionidas

  • Use [Healing Salve] to save the lion

Go to the red bananas and leave Abe there

Go to ladder

  • Fix the ladder
  • Climb to the top
  • Wait until twilight for the nectar to come
  • What is going on?
  • What the hell?! I don’t understand what is happening.
  • I feel uncomfortable. I’m going to get out of here. Fill up a vial with nectar
  • Yes. I’m fine.

Go to Mazi

  • Continue toward the door and knock
  • Sure.
  • I think… I may already have what you’re looking for.

Talk to Mazi

Achievement Unlock: Brain Teaser – Solve Mazi’s riddle

  • Me. Lion. Sick. I. Helping.
  • I’ve already saved him!
  • That’s alright. They have me getting some nectar for drinks for a celebration. Maybe there’s something there?
  • You got yourself a deal, weirdo.

Go to the satellite dish, climb up and talk to Octavian

  • Choose any dialogue options you like, and talk to Octavian again
  • Do you like your job?
  • Why don’t you paint more?
  • That’s no reason to stop. You should continue!
  • It’s not about being good, it’s about creating. And besides, if you’re bad but you’re having a good time, you’re still having a good time!

Achievement Unlock: Worth a Thousand Words – Encourage Octavian to pursue painting

Ending Guide

  • Ending 1, return the normal nectar to Oliver
  • For Endings 2 and 3, first, pick up the canister at the satellite dish using Mazi’s silver key, then have Mazi poison the nectar before bringing it to Oliver. Then choose to kill all the animals or Mazi to get Endings 2 and 3.
  • After completing the game once, it’s possible to start a new game with the boat intro skip and the option to already have the Healing Salve, Ladder Part, and Gas Canister items.


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