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Days Gone – How to Get Inside the Checkpoint Nero

Nero checkpoints are one of the types of locations in Days Gone. Every checkpoint is closed. In this guide, we will tell you universal tips on how to get inside the checkpoint and pick up valuables from it.


Nero’s roadblocks are scattered all over the map. Once you get close enough to any of them, a special quest will appear in your log. At each checkpoint, you need to get inside and find a box with an injector.

First Stage

Before you open the doors of the building, go around the neighborhood and destroy all the speakers. You can go up to the roof and hold the interaction button while standing next to the megaphone to break it. You can also use any firearm (it is better to use a weapon with a silencer, so as not to attract phreakers).

Second Stage

After destroying all the megaphones, find the generator, which will have to fill with fuel. Look around the area for a can of gasoline. It should be noted that the generator may be located in a seemingly inaccessible area surrounded by a fence. In such a situation, try to look for a hole in the fence or an opportunity to get into a neighboring building.

Third Stage

At some checkpoints, you also need to find a fuse. Just search the neighborhood and then install it in the fuse box on the wall of the building.

Fourth Stage

After turning on the generator, all entrances to the building will be unlocked. All the speakers and megaphones that were not destroyed will turn on! This can cause a lot of trouble for Deacon, as a lot of phreakers can suddenly appear nearby. Try to quickly get to the designated game speakers (they are indicated on the mini-map) and destroy them.

Fifth Stage

In rare cases, launching megaphones can bring in a horde that is nearby. In this scenario, escape on a motorcycle is the best option, because the battle with the horde without a good supply of ammunition can lead to the death of the main character.

Final Stage

After entering the main building, find a large box with an injector. After receiving this item, you can permanently increase one of the hero’s characteristics: health, strength reserve, or concentration.

Inside the building, you can also find one type of collectible item — audio recordings. And first aid kits, ammo, and rare ingredients for crafting.


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