DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin

DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin – NPC Questlines in Order

A guide categorizing all Dark Souls II NPC Quest Progression by area!

Part I

Things Betwixt:

Milibeth – If you defeat the three Ogres, two located on the beach after the first bonfire, and the one on the path before the bridge. She will reward you with the Handmaid’s Ladle.


[G] Crestfallen Saulden – Speaking with Crestfallen Saulden when you first enter Majula will grant the ‘Welcome’ Gesture.

Optional: I’d recommend purchasing the Red Eye Ring before or after the Forest of the Fallen Giants to keep the bosses focused on you for the NPC summons to come. If a boss kills your NPC summons it could irreversibly void their questline(s).

Forest of the Fallen Giants/Cardinal Tower:

Mild-Mannered Pate – Speak with Pate in the Forest of Giants, just before the iron gate shortly after the Cardinal bonfire. Exhaust his dialogue.

Mild-Mannered Pate (2) – Make your way through the area and back to Pate. Exhaust his dialogue once more.

Cale the Cartographer – Find Cale in the caves (down the ladder at the Cardinal Bonfire and through the hole, ascend the tree root to drop down onto some dilapidated homes, this will lead to the cave(s). After exhausting his dialogue Cale will grant you the key to the locked mansion in Majula.

Blacksmith Lenigrast – Purchase Lenigrast’s Key from Merchant Hag Melentia at the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

Mild-Mannered Pate(3) – Summon Pate for The Last Giant boss fight, you do not need to do this but if Pate survives the fight the next time you speak with him he will reward you with an entire set of his gear, weapons, and all.

Merchant Hag Melentia – If you exhaust her dialogue after defeating The Last Giant, she will move to Majula. She doesn’t really have a questline, but she will sell the items of NPC’s that you kill, as well as more items as the game progresses.

Majula (2):

Blacksmith Lenigrast – Speak with Blacksmith Lenigrast, give him the key and he will move inside his shop.

Cale the Cartographer – Explore the Mansion on the Northside of Majula, enter the basement using the key Cale provided you, and kill all the enemies inside.

  • Purchase the Fragrant Branch of Yore from Melentia in Majula as soon as possible.
  • Purchase the Ring of Whispers from Sweet Shalquoir in Majula as soon as possible.
  • Level up INT to a minimum of 8.
  • Optional, but Recommended: Purchase the Red Eye Ring from Sweet Shalquoir.
  • Optional: Purchase a spare set of clothes for Rosabeth later on.
  • Optional: If you purchase a lot of armor from Maughlin the Armourer in Majula at any point, he will increase the quality of his stock three times (after refreshing the area).

Forest of the Fallen Giants/Cadinal Tower (2):

Return to Cale and exhaust his dialogue, he will now move to Majula into the previously mentioned mansion if it’s been cleared of foes.

Heide’s Tower of Flame/Ruins:

Licia of Lindelt – She can be found next to the bonfire up the stairs from the Dragonrider boss fight. Exhaust her dialogue and she’ll move to Majula.

Cathedral of Blue:

Blue Sentinel Targray – Can be found inside, but he won’t grant anything to you if you don’t have a Token of Fidelity. (Defeat a boss as a white phantom using the large soapstone, defeat a red phantom as a blue sentinel.) But one can be found later so I’m skipping him for now.

No Man’s Wharf:

Lucatiel of Mirrah – Speak with Lucatiel in the cave entrance of No-Man’s Wharf. Exhaust her dialogue. Obtain the Fragrant Branch of Yore from a chest in the house with poisoned jars.

Lucatiel of Mirrah(2) – Summon Lucatiel in one of the houses of No-Man’s Wharf for the Flextile Sentry boss fight. Do not allow her to die.

Gavlan – Can be found near Lucatiel’s summoning point. Will purchase items from you. Exhausting his dialogue will initiate him to move to Harvest Valley.

Carhillion of the Fold – After defeating the Flextile Sentry speak with Carhillion of the Fold at the end of the pier (with an INT of 8 or more), and he’ll return to Majula, as well as become a sorcery merchant.

Lost Bastille:

Optional: Obtain the Fragrant Branch of Yore by dropping down into an area with a chest containing the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and a Human Effigy.

Lucatiel of Mirrah – Speak with Lucatiel in the tower straight ahead from the staircase in front of Steady Hand McDuff’s shop. Exhaust her dialogue.

[G] Straid of Olaphis – Unpetrify him using the Fragrant Branch of Yore you purchased from the Hag Merchant. He is a boss weapon/sorcery/hex/pyromancy merchant. He grants the ‘Mock’ gesture.

Lucatiel of Mirrah (2) – Can be summoned for The Lost Sinner boss fight at Sinner’s Rise (at the base of the elevator that leads to the flooded prison.) Do not allow her to die.

Note: Steady Hand McDuff is unavailable until you retrieve the Dull Ember from Iron Keep. You can, however, use the explosive barrel enemy to blow a hole in the wall to access his bonfire. As well as retrieve the Bastille Key to open his gate. Located from the Servant’s Quarter bonfire, go to the group of boxes at the edge of the broken bridge.

Majula, en-route to Shaded Woods:

Crestfallen Saulden – Speak with Crestfallen Saulden now that four new NPCs are in Majula and he’ll reward you with a Soul Vessel.

Benhart of Jugo – Exhaust his dialogue.

Rosabeth of Melfia – Unpetrify her, give her some clothes and exhaust her dialogue. She will return to Majula.

[G] Benhart of Jugo – Return to him and exhaust his dialogue, obtaining the ‘Joy’ gesture.

Shaded Woods:

Head of Vengarl – Can be found in the Shaded Woods on the left-hand side closer to the Shaded Ruins bonfire. Exhaust his dialogue.

Manscorpion Tark – Can be found via the Shaded Ruins bonfire; follow the left-hand side of the area until you proceed through a small stone building, this will lead to a sandy area where you’ll find Tark. You need the Ring of Whispers from Majula to speak with him. Exhaust his dialogue.

Darkdiver Grandahl – In the Shaded Ruins underground cave-area, look for the patches of loose grass and boards. You cannot join the Pilgrims of Dark until you’ve spoken to him at all three of his locations first.

Weaponsmith Ornifex – Can be found in the same area that Darkdiver is, you need the Fang Key which can be acquired from a petrified Lion statue in the area. She will become a boss weapon merchant if rescued. She will relocate to Brightstone Cove.

Manscorpion Tark(2) – Summon him for the Scorpioness boss fight, defeat Scorpioness.

[G] Manscropion Tark(3) – Return to Tark in his initial location, using the Ring of Whispers to exhaust his dialogue. He will grant you a Fragrant Branch of Yore, a ring, and the ‘Warm-Up’ gesture.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora:

Benhart of Jugo – Summon him from his tent location near the Royal Army Campsite bonfire, defeat Prowling Magnus. Do not allow Benhart to die.

*Note: You can technically just use a Bonfire Ascetic to fight the same boss three times in a row to count towards your four boss fights with Benhart. Benhart must survive four boss fights.
Cromwell the Pardoner – Can be found just after the Prowling Magnus boss fight. He just removes aggro on NPCs that you’ve pissed off for a fee. That’s about it.

[G] Head of Vengarl – After you defeat The Duke’s Dear Freja you’ll encounter Vengarl’s body just afterward. After you defeat it return to Vengarl and he’ll offer you several items including the ‘Decapitate’ gesture.

Part II

Huntsman’s Copse:

Felkin the Outcast – Can be found en-route into Huntsman’s Copse, will train you in Hexes at 8 FTH/INT. Can be used as a Hex merchant. Grants a staff/hex at 20 FTH/INT.

Twitchy Gren – Can be found on the opposing end of the ‘Undead Purgatory’ area and optional boss therein. He’s the ‘leader’ of the Brotherhood of Blood, a covenant orientated around PvP.

[G] Creighton the Wanderer – Proceed along the cliff-edge in the valley to find a key called the Undead Lockaway Key, backtrack to use this to open Creigton’s cell. Exhaust his dialogue. You will also obtain the ‘Fist Pump’ gesture.

Blue Sentinel Targray – A Token of Fidelity can be found by dropping down from the bridge leading to the Undead Purgatory. If you want to avoid the risky fall, reach the platform above the second bonfire’s room in the Huntsman’s Copse (go up the ladder and runoff from the location the club wielding rogue, jumping will likely lead to falling off at the far end and rolling will likely lead to coming too short).

Cathedral of Blue:

[G] Blue Sentinel Targray – Return to Targray with a Token of Fidelity and he’ll grant you the ‘Duel Bow’ gesture.

Ruined Fork Road Bonfire:

Creighton the Wanderer – Found in Ruined Fork Road. Exhaust his dialogue.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora (2):

Creighton the Wanderer and Mild-Mannered Pate will be battling to the death inside a house just on the opposing end of the zipline. This fight will not occur if both events for Pate and Creighton have not been exhausted by the player.

If you help Pate, he will give you Creighton’s helmet as well as the Tseldora Den Key.

If you help Creighton, he will give you the Tseldora Den Key, a Ring of Thorns, as well as a full set of his armor.


Harvest Valley:

Stone Trader Chloanne – Can be found sitting on a rock outside one of the initial bonfires. Exhaust her dialogue and she’ll move to Majula.

[G] You can learn the ‘Praise the Sun’ gesture from the Sunlight Altar in Harvest Valley.

Gavlan – Can be found in a small room on the left side of the dug out burrow, beside the first encountered Mounted Overseer near the Poison Pool bonfire. Exhausting his dialogue will make him leave for Doors of Pharros.

Note: Gavlan will relocate to the upstairs region of Gyrm’s Respite bonfire, and he will stay here permanently.

Earthen Peak:

Lucatiel of Mirrah – Can be found in the bonfire just after the boss encounter with the Covetous Demon. Exhaust her dialogue.

Mild-Mannered Pate – Can be found within the Earthen Peak structure along the left-hand side. Exhaust his dialogue.

Mild-Mannered Pate (2) – You need to find the treasure to which Pate refers. From Pate, turn around and ascend the stairs, turn left, then up a small set of stairs, turn right into the passage, drop down onto the ledge on your right, then turn around to find an iron chest within a small room.

Mild-Mannered Pate (3) – Turn around and return to Pate. Exhaust his dialogue.

[G] Laddersmith Gilligan – Speak with him, accept his offer/exhaust his dialogue and he’ll proceed to Majula. Give Laddersmith Gilligan 2,000 Souls and he’ll grant you the ‘Prostration’ gesture.

Iron Keep:

[G] Magerold of Lanafir – Can be found upon entering the Iron Keep. He’s a merchant. Purchase the Fragrant Branch of Yore from him. Exhaust his dialogue for the ‘Fist Pump’ gesture.

Steady Hand McDuff – Retrieving the Dull Ember from Iron Keep to give to Steady Hand McDuff will make him available as a blacksmith/merchant. The Dull Ember can be found on a precarious ledge, on the opposite end of the ramp to the Smelter Demon fogwall.

Lucatiel of Mirrah – Can be summoned for the Smelter Demon boss fight, her sign can be found just before the fog wall to the Smelter Demon. Do not allow her to die.

Steady Hand McDuff(2) – After you’ve returned the Dull Ember to him; spend at least 50,000 souls at his shop, with at least 10,000 going towards imbuement. It will unlock the ‘Smith for Life’ achievement.

Grave of Saints (Optional):

You encounter the Grave of Saints on the way down to The Gutter. It’s an optional area where you can encounter the Rat King.

Rat King – You can join the Rat King covenant which makes the rats non-violent and offers rewards for covenant items.

The Gutter: None.

Black Gulch:

Lucatiel of Mirrah – Lucatiel can be found just as you’re entering Black Gulch, light a torch and look down the right-hand ledge just before the initial pools of tar, you’ll see a ledge that you can drop down to; navigate these passages until you find Lucatiel. Exhaust her dialogue.

Darkdiver Grandahl – Can be found in a cave along the right-hand side ledge, speak to him once more at this location.

Lucatiel of Mirrah – Lucatiel can be summoned from the hidden bonfire on the right-hand side of the area just before the boss fog wall. Do not allow her to die.

Drangleic Castle:

[G] Chancellor Wellager – Found just inside the main entrance of Castle Drangleic. Exhausting his dialogue gives the ‘This One’s Me’ gesture.

Darkdiver Grandahl – Can be found in a hidden cave by dropping through the floor in a small room attached to the much larger room with several Ruin Sentinels and Stone Soldiers.

At this point, you can join the Pilgrims of Dark by selecting ‘Yes’ when asked “…is Dark what you wish for?” You can then enter and complete the Casym of the Abyss at all locations in which you previously spoke to Darkdiver Grandahl, the purpose being to light the torch within each location and defeat the enemies therein.

Benhart of Jugo – Found shortly after the Twin Dragonriders boss fight, exhaust his dialogue.

Benhart of Jugo – Summon him from his sign to the left of the Mirror Knight boss fight, defeat the Mirror Knight. Do not allow Benhart to die.

Darkdiver Grandahl (2) – Once you’ve cleared all three Chasm’ of the Abyss at Shaded Ruins/Black Gulch/Drangleic Castle you’ll automatically be permitted into the hidden Darklurker boss battle.
*Note: Make sure to speak to Darkdiver after completing the first and third time(s) you complete a Chasm to receive your corresponding covenant reward.


Shrine of Amana:

Milfanito Sisters – You can rescue a group of four sisters that sing to the undead called the Milfanito, rescuing all four will grant the player the ability to return to humans for free at the altar in the Shrine of Amana.

Milfanito Sisters (2) – The first Milfanito is in the first hut, singing; exhausts her dialogue, and moves forward.

Milfanito Sisters (3) – The second Milfanito is located right before the Demon of Song and is injured. She will immediately disappear if talked to.

Milfanito Sisters (4) – The third Milfanito is located behind the locked Door of the Undead, close to the Rise of the Dead bonfire. You must be hollow to open this door.

Milfanito Sisters (5) – The fourth Milfanito is located at the top of Drangleic Castle. Once the Demon of Song is dead (big frog), you can take the Key to the Embedded (weapon key) back to Castle
Drangleic, use the slim lift to go all the way to the top. The Key can free her.

Milfanito Sisters (6) – Once all the sisters have despawned before you, go back to the Shrine of Amana, near the Tower of Prayer bonfire and the sisters will reward you with a Divine Blessing.


Part III

Undead Crypt:

[G] Grave Warden Agdayne – Can be summoned for the Velstadt boss battle if you exhaust his dialogue first. Do not approach him with a lit torch. You’ll know when you’ve found him because you’ll hear “do not produce light”. Approaching him without a lit torch will gift the ‘Have Mercy!’ gesture.

Strowen – Back in Things Betwixt, she will gift you six (6) Human Effigies after you acquire the King’s Ring from Vendrick.

Grave Warden Agdayne(2) – Will gift you his armor set and the Darkdrift weapon if you summoned him for Velstadt and acquired the King’s Ring.


Aldia’s Keep:

Lucatiel of Mirrah – Lucatiel can be found in the small hut on the left-hand side of the exterior of Aldia’s Keep. Exhausting her dialogue will conclude her questline.


Dragon Aerie/Shrine:

Shanalotte/Emerald Herald – Will grant you the Aged Feather which allows the player to return to the bonfire for free.

Magerold of Lanafir – You can obtain the Petrified Egg from the Dragon Shrine and return it to him to join the Dragon Remnants covenant.

Drangleic Castle (Throne Watcher & Defender Boss Fight):

Benhart of Jugo – Summon him for the Throne Watcher and Defender boss fight, his sign is to the right of the fog wall. Do not allow Benhart to die.

Forest of the Fallen Giants (After Throne Watcher & Defender):
[G] Captain Drummond – Exhaust his dialogue in the Memory of Vannah. He’ll gift you the ‘Hurrah!’ gesture.

Captain Drummond (2) – Summon inside the Memory of Jeigh. *Warning: Summoning him instead of Benhart will void Benhart’s questline unless you summon Benhart, then summon Drummond via Bonfire Ascetic.

Captain Drummond (3) – Exhaust his dialogue once more in the Memory of Vannah. This will unlock his achievement and reward the Drangleic Helmet.

Benhart of Jugo – Can be found next to the Memory of Orro tree, exhaust his dialogue.

Benhart of Jugo (2) – Speak with him inside the Memory of Orro.

Benhart of Jugo (3) – Summon Benhart inside the Memory of Jeigh for the Giant Lord boss fight. Do not allow Benhart to die.


Drangleic Castle (Fighting Nashandra):

Benhart of Jugo – Summon him for the Neshandra boss battle.

Forest of the Fallen Giants (Memory of Orro):

Benhart of Jugo – Can be found permanently inside the Memory of Orro, speak with him to conclude his questline.



Cale the Cartographer – After defeating the Nashandra, Cale’s map is now finished, and returning to him will grant the ‘Curious Map’ achievement as well as his armor set.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan – Now that you have the Aged Feather and Cale’s Helmet you can do the Navlaan assassination questline. He can be found in Aldia’s Keep behind a magical barrier on the 1F. *Warning: Do not release him from his cell or it’ll void his questline and turn him into a repeatable invading NPC.


Aldia’s Keep (Optional):

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan – Only speak to him when undead, he won’t respond otherwise. Always answer “yes”.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan (2) – Go to Majula and purchase the ladder miniature from Laddersmith Gilligan. Return it to Navlaan.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan (3) – Completing Cale’s map by defeating: Last Giant, Lost Sinner, The Rotten, Old Iron King, Freja, and Nashandra. He will gift you his helmet. Return it to Navlaan.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan (4) – Go outside Aldia’s Keep and you’ll find the Sunset Staff inside a Mimic. Return it to Navlaan.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan (5) – Give the Aged Feather to Navlaan. You would have obtained this from the Emerald Herald when you first arrived at Dragon Aerie.



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