Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed

Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed – Easy EXP and Money Guide (Early-Mid Game)

This guide will show you how to make easy exp and money a little bit after beating a certain pink-haired girl.

Unlocking the Mission

  1. Progress to the point you get the story mission, Meet Mr.X.
  2. Go to the Master and learn how to strip cosplay clothing.
  3. Go to the Info Broker and get the quest Green Inferno. (You may need to talk to the Info Broker multiple times to cycle the missions).

Prepping for the Gauntlet

For this mission, you are fighting waves of Shadow Souls but, they do around 1/4 of the damage of a regular enemy.

Using the suit you were forced to buy for a story mission, you should be able to tank the damage for the whole gauntlet. If you have a hat, you might as well put it on as well.

If you are worried that you can’t tank the hits, go to the convenience store at Akihabara Station Front and buy the ‘smalt’ magazine, it will increase your durability by x1.5.

While you are in that part of the city, if you are going for exp, go to the computer shop and buy the learning software from Yamada Denki; it will boost your exp by x1.5 for the duration of the battle.

As for your weapon, if you picked up the Darkside of the Maiden from the earlier story mission, that will suffice. Otherwise, any high-powered weapon will do.

The Gold Mine

Now that you have accepted the mission, go to the park and face your foes.

If you are going for exp, use the learning software now. You will be facing 30 Shadow Souls which you will be fighting around 8-10 at any given moment. This is the most vital part. You will only be defeating 29 of them.

After defeating all but one, leave the area and come back. This will reset the gauntlet while keeping the exp, the clothes stripped, and Shadow Souls dusted.

Going to the Junk Shop on Side Street, you can sell your spoils. If you are going for the money, the most important parts to keep is the top and bottom; they are 1000 each. The head is worth only 189. This will net an average of 60,000 a run plus a couple of synthetic fiber as well.

Before selling after a run:

After selling after a run:

Rinse and repeat until you have enough money to buy books to unlock new moves for your weapon of choice and stripping all the other types of clothing.

At this point, you could progress through the story since random item drops, Master’s fights, and missions should be able to cover your costs for the rest of the game. Unless you want to grind out stuff like the maid cafe or accessories, then it is up to you.


  • Remember to save after every run. The last thing you need is to accidentally clear the mission or die.
  • Also, remember the frogs who gave their lives that made us strong and rich or don’t.


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