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A Simple Way of Improving and Gaining MMR in Dota 2

Are you one of the players who keep on losing every game in Dota 2? Do you want to climb your rank while enjoying the game? Here’s a quick explanation of a concept that might be able to help you work on climbing in MMR.

1 Role, 3 Heroes

One of the simplest ways of improving as a player in Dota 2 is limiting your hero pool and the role you play. This is the opposite of average at everything, master of nothing. This will help you increase your mechanical skill as well as understanding more hero matchups and situations.

The first thing to do is to choose 3 heroes you want to play, ideally, heroes that are very strong currently but that’s only for people wanting to climb MMR fast as well as improving. It is also important that these heroes have different playstyles, to help you have more diversity in how you can play during your matches and also improve these gameplay mechanics over time so it will be easier to learn new heroes when the time comes. Here are 3 examples for each role, these will not be specific to the current meta, they are just examples of diverse hero playstyles.

Position 1 aka Carry

Anti Mage is a very slippery, split pusher and pick-off hero. He wants to farm aggressively and escape if the enemies try and kill him. He creates pressure by pushing lanes and taking the farm away from the enemy and picking off squishy heroes in team fights.

Chaos Knight is very tanky and has the ability to tank in team fights and taking them very early, snowballing into a powerhouse earlier than the average carries. He naturally farms slower and so has to fight and end the game earlier to make sure he doesn’t fall off too hard and lose. He is a very good man fighter and wants to fight more due to his lack of farming prowess.

Drow Ranger is a very immobile and squishy hero, she gets the most DPS off when she has space between her and the enemy. This can be created with items or your teammates’ bodies creating distractions. She naturally has a longer range allowing her to stay further back but pays for this by being slow with no innate mobility. Due to this she can’t farm as aggressively as a hero like Anti Mage, but can still farm generally fast and can take part in fights earlier with the right team composition or items.

Position 2 aka Mid Laner

Invoker is a very greedy mid, having a weaker lane than most other mids, while also needing more farm than the average to start creating impact. He has multiple playstyles that can allow him to play more greedy at the cost of early pressure or faster paced at the cost of the consistent farm.

Templar Assassin is a powerhouse, with a strong learning stage and very powerful snowball potential. She has the ability to hit hard early and farm very quickly at the cost of low mobility and very strong counters to her abilities. But if she gets a good lane and a few items she can dominate everyone quickly and easily solo the game with her damage.

Void Spirit is a very well-rounded hero, able to farm moderately quickly but also gank very well with his great mobility. He loves to go for squishy heroes with his strong magical burst and short cooldowns, but if he gets caught he can be easily burst down.

Position 3 aka Offlaner

Underlord is a very slow tanky hero, with a lot of resistance and built-in damage. He has an AoE lockdown and can push waves quickly. He loves standing in the front and gaining damage over time to smack people for lots of damage.

Bristleback is a hero that deals more damage and gets faster the longer the fight goes on. He is very good and front lining with strong built-in resistance and builds up stacks on his enemies to kill them, but can very easily fall off and be completely ignored if the game goes too late.

Pangolier is not as tanky but has incredible mobility and strong (counter)initiation. He can stun or disarm enemies for a long time with the right use of his abilities and creates space by disabling the enemies rather than being the frontline.

Position 4 aka Soft Support

Pudge starts pretty squishy but can quickly become very tanky and high damage dealing. He has incredible single target damage but lacks mobility. He also has great pickoff potential and saving with his hook and ult. He starts as a side lane caster but can quickly become a frontline with his immense strength and base damage.

Tiny has incredible burst damage and initiation potential with his ability combo on a short combo, jumping in and out of fights with blink dagger and force staff. He never really wants to frontline, looking for the right person to combo but when he finds them they are going to quickly die.

Spirit Breaker is incredibly mobile, able to tank medium amounts of damage but also has spell immunity piercing lockdown. He is hard to lockdown with his status resistance and charge that knocks everyone back. His damage can be pretty mediocre but with enough snowballing can be a solo killing powerhouse.

Position 5 aka Hard Support

Lion has a lot of single target lockdown, being able to take one person out of the fight completely with his finger of death. He has great pickoff potential with the ability to take important heroes out of the fight quickly.

Disruptor has a lot of AoE lockdown and damage, locking them down in an area and stopping them from casting any spells. He has incredible range on his spells allowing him to stay far back in a safe area while having an impact.

Dazzle has little lockdown, only a slow, but he has a lot of saves. A low cooldown heal, and keeping people alive through near-death allowing them to stay in the fight longer and be more useful. He naturally enhances his teammates rather than disabling the enemy, meaning he can stay far back behind his team and still be useful, keeping him safe out of danger.


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