Train Sim World 2

Train Sim World 2 – DB BR 112.1 Start-Up and Operating Guide

Based on the tutorial included with the Train Sim World 2 Haupstrecke Hamburg-Lübeck route, this guide provides complete instructions for operating the DB BR 112.1 engine.

Step 1: Enter Loco

Walk to the door located on the right side of the engine and open the door by clicking on it. Look down toward the bottom of the door and press E to climb into the engine. Look left and click the door to close it.

Step 2: Activate Battery

Step 3: Select Pantograph

Step 4: Enter Cab and Sit in Driver’s Chair

Step 5: Insert Reverser Handle

Step 6: Set Reverser to Forward

Step 7: Wait for Air System to Charge

Step 8: Set Signal Lights to White

Step 9: Set Pantograph control to Raise

Step 10: Set Circuit Breaker to Close

Step 11: Set Passenger Door Selector

Step 12: Set Passenger Doors Switch to Open

When loading is complete, set Passenger Doors Switch to Closed.

Step 13: Set Brake Key to On

Step 14: Set Train Brake to Running

Step 15: Set Handbrake to Release

Step 16: Set Force Selector to 100%

Step 17: Set Speed Selector

Additional Notes

  • The Speed Selector (a.k.a. Force Selector) operates in 10 KPH increments only.
  • About 1 KM before the next station stop, set the Force Selector to 0 (not off) to begin slowing the train.
  • Use the train brake if necessary.
  • Stop at the marker.
  • Check the Door Selector for proper side setting.
  • Open and close doors when prompted to do so.

These instructions are based on the DB BR 112.1 tutorial included with DTG’s TSW2 Haupstrecke Hamburg-Lübeck route. Scenarios or sessions that begin with the driver sitting in the cab probably do not require some of the preliminary steps included here. In some cases, initial instructions will be provided in the activity, but this is not always the case.


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