Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition Review

Following the previous announcement about the collaboration with BTS, a well-known South Korean boy band, Samsung has officially released the Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition. Well, we managed to get this new gadget in our hands and we’re here to give you our feedback.

Are you one of the BTS fans out there? Well, this review of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition will surely encourage you to get this new phone. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition Specifications

This exclusive partnership between Samsung and BTS brings the new Samsung Galaxy S20+ some hardware buff. The new smartphone device has a total of 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. With this huge storage capacity, you have no reason where you can save the videos, music, and photos of your favorite boy band from South Korea.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition also has 6.7 inches display which is a great feature if you’re a mobile game. In my case, I have been playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile, and based on what I experienced, I didn’t face any lag issues. With the 4500 mAh battery, you’ll surely have a lot of time to play your favorite mobile game.

Camera Features of BTS Edition Samsung Galaxy S20+

While I love the camera of the latest iPhone, I can’t deny how amazing the camera of this Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition. The front camera features 10 MP while the rear camera features 4 quad camera, 64 MP telephoto, U12 MP ultrawide shot, and 12 MP wide shot.

Using this camera in a dim and low condition will give you high-quality lighting with sharp output. Apart from these, the camera of the BTS Edition has an excellent autofocus quality. Expect that you’ll be getting more than what you’ve paid when using this device.

Excellent Color Variant and BTS theme

Enough of the specs and let’s head to what’s in this device. The BTS Edition Samsung Galaxy S20+ features a purple back body. Since this is an exclusive partnership between Samsung and the South Korean boy band, BTS, you will also find the logo of the group at the bottom of the phone. To be exact, it’s below the Samsung logo.

Of course, BTS fans will surely love the purple theme of the interface of the phone. Apart from the logo, the box of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition has a heart symbol.

Going back to the camera, if you check the read camera, you’ll notice a heart icon along with the cameras which is printed on the phone. When you open the device, you will be greeted by the Samsung logo and the exclusive BTS logo with a text saying “I believe in your galaxy.” Cute, huh?

Bonus BTS Contents

If you get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 plus BTS Edition, you will also get a fan card featuring the BTS members. ARMY should never miss this chance to collect these BTS cards. Another thing to add to your collection, I believe.

BTS ARMY All The Way

If you’re an avid fan of BTS who has an extra budget to get this Samsung Galaxy S20 plus BTS Edition, then you should never miss this. Apart from the phone, you should also grab the BTS Edition of its Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition also features a purple-colored case and earbuds with BTS logo and a heart icon. Similar to the one in the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition, the Buds+ BTS Edition also includes more photo cards of each member of the BTS wearing the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition.


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