Roblox Clicker Life Codes for December 2020

Check out this new Roblox Clicker Life codes for the month of December 2020. Discover the new rewards that you will be getting for free in Roblox Clicker Life.

Roblox Clicker Life was created by Spectacular Studios in October 2020. Each match, the game allows up to 10 players. The game has been receiving a constant update from the creator and along with these updates, new Roblox Clicker Life codes have been released. Below are the new codes that you can use to get free items in the game.

Roblox Clicker Life Codes

Roblox Clicker Life Codes for December 2020

This article is exclusively created for the free codes for Roblox Clicker Life. We are monitoring Roblox Clicker Life for any update and once the creator gives us the new codes, it will be added below. For this reason, we highly suggest that you bookmark this page and be the first to get the latest codes for the game.

Here are the confirmed and working codes for Roblox Clicker Life.

  • ThanksForAllTheSupport – Get free 5,000 clicks.
  • Update4 – Get free 500 gems.
  • Sorry About Data Loss – Get a free pet.
  • BossManPlayz – Get free 100 gems.
  • Update1 – Get free 500 gems.
  • NoOneKnowsWhoIAm – Get free 750 gems.
  • Sub2Epic31200RobloxThanksLol – Get free 1 gem.
  • RobloxIntel – Get free 500 gems.
  • Dog12GoatsTheLegends – Get a free pet.
  • ZomgGaming – Get free 500 clicks.
  • SonsOfFunlsSuperCool – Get free 1,000 gems.
  • Cash – Get free 100 clicks.

These are the out-of-date codes that no longer work.

  • FreePet – Get a free pet.
  • DonRD – Get free 500 clicks
  • Halloween – Get free 1 hour x2 clicks.
  • SnugLife – get free 2 hours x2 clicks.
  • StarterBoost – Get free 1 hour x2 clicks.
  • DirtGurl – Get free 900 clicks.
  • Kelogish – get free 800 clicks.
  • Dog12GoatsIsTheBest – Get free 120 gems.
  • SonsOfFunIsTheBestYT – Get free 250 gems.
  • RELEASE – Get free 500 clicks.

How to Redeem Roblox Clicker Life Codes

Just like any other Roblox game, you can easily redeem the codes in Clicker Life in-game. Below is the step-by-step guide on how you can properly claim your rewards.

  1. Launch Roblox Clicker Life.
  2. Find and click the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. In the text box, enter the codes above.
  4. Hit the Enter button to claim your free rewards.

Note that the codes for Roblox Clicker Life are case sensitive, which only means that you have to input the exact codes as shown above. To make things easier, you can just copy and paste the codes from this page to Roblox client.


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