Ring of Pain – Complete Achievement Guide

Check out this video game guide to learn how to obtain all achievements in Ring of Pain. Discover the missable, unmissable, and other achievement-related activities in Ring of Pain.

Ring of Pain is one of the newest games released in October 2020. In the game, players will be able to get a total of 71 achievements. Just like any other video games, some of the Ring of Pain achievements are hidden and can only be unlocked by doing or participating in some specific events. Below is the detailed guide on how you can get all achievements in Ring of Pain.

Ring of Pain Achievement Guide

Ring of Pain Achievement Guide

Natural Progression Achievements

First steps

  • Complete the tutorial

Uncharted Territory

  • Discover a new path


  • Discover 10 new paths

Getting A Glimpse

  • Reach a depth of 6

Delving Deeper

  • Reach a depth of 12

A Long Climb

  • Reach Depth 12 on Hard difficulty


  • Complete a run 5 times
    • Run will be counted as complete once the credit rolls.

Doing Time

  • Play the game for 10 hours

Who To Trust?

  • Choose your final path

Shadow Spreads

  • Complete the Dark Ending
    • Douse the flame, become darkness, and defeat your false ally.

Illuminate, Eliminate

  • Complete the Light Ending
    • Light up! Vanquish darkness!

A Week Attempt

  • Play 7 Daily Dungeons

Champion of the Day

  • Complete a Daily Dungeon

Power Score

  • Get a score of over 9000 in a Daily Dungeon

Death Related Achievements


  • Die 25 times

Dead Revels

  • Die 250 times

To The Death!

  • Die to a boss

New Game+

  • Die in Hard Mode

That Was Quick

  • Die within 30 seconds of starting a run
    • Just keep attacking the first floor enemies without healing and your demise will be swift!

Colorful Corpse

  • Die with Rainbow Socks equipped

Poor Choices

  • Killed by equipping items
    • You can easily achieve this by equipping a health reducing item after using the Fountain of Life until you have one max HP left or after equipping Restrained Heart.

Kill Related Achievements

Defeat The Dark

  • Kill 100 creatures

Destroy Your Fears

  • Kill 1000 creatures


  • Kill multiple creatures in a single turn 50 times
    • There are many ways to obtain this, mainly thanks to exploding enemies. You can also use various Area of Effects (AOE) items like Light Caller, a spirit-based build or splash damage items.

The Bestiary

  • Kill 20 different types of creatures in a single game
    • You should have no issue getting this, but if for some reason you struggle with it, use evolving/devolving items like Dark Influence or Transformer

No Mercy

  • Reach Depth 12 having killed all creatures on the way
    • This may appear as a straight forward challenge, but there are actually some things to keep in mind. To maximise your chances, try to enter a few additional rooms as possible, especially the ones with big semi-boss units. You really want to find the Dark for Days event since it allows you to skip on a bunch of units at once.

What’s Yours Is Mine

  • Kill 20 Scroungers
    • Since you should kill them anyways any time you see them due to their great loot, there should be no issue here.


  • Kill a Bilebag from a distance
    • Use splash damage, poison (Plague is great at it) or explosions. If you are on a high defense build, you can also grab some damage on parry equipment like Spike Suit.

Chain Reaction

  • Have 5 creatures explode in one turn
    • For this achievement, using the Detonation Scroll makes life really easy. Insanity Stone helps a lot, but going in an Instability event can also do the trick.

All Consuming

  • Kill a Wretched Amalgam that has 50+ max health
    • Now for the big boys! The strategy for killing a big Amalgam is the same as for the Shrieker (next achievement). You can either get a really good run, or you can go the cheesy way : grab a Soul Spill Scroll, stock up on a truckload of souls, and get to a stage where an amalgam is present. Wait for him to consume enough units to be over 50 max health (if it takes explosion damage it will still be ok), release the ghosts of all your previous kills and you did it!

Don’t Ignore Me!

  • Kill a Shrieker
    • This one is somewhat easier than the Amalgam since the Shrieker will kill off his allies by himself. Wait for the total health of the stage to be below your soul count and use your Soul Spill Scroll!


  • Kill the Owl in Hard Difficulty
    • The hard part… Do you really want your 100% completion? Because it will cost you your soul… To obtain the next two achievements, you will need to put an end to the existence of purity incarnate.

Goodbye, Frog Friend

  • Kill a cute, harmless frog
    • Found in the Companions room, or when the Transformer is used, it is really easy to kill, if you have the mental strength to do it.


  • Kill a Pupper
    • In the same fashion, Puppers are found in the Companions room, or with the use of Hand of Dog (keep in mind that you need to somehow remove the glove to kill it).

Stats Related Achievements

Willing the World

  • Have 60+ Clarity
    • The easier one of the 60+ family. The game has two items doubling clarity (Skirt of Vision and Crown of Clarity), so getting to the boss with them equipped should be enough.


  • Have 60+ Attack (The Crow / Choker /strength leech )
    • Not quite as easy as Willing the World, this achievement is still manageable thanks to The Crow and Choker. If you manage to not move from your spot and repeatedly hit foes, reaching 60 Attack should not take long.


  • Have 60+ Defense (stacked plate / immovable object / brittle seed)
    • Like the previous achievement, you can reach 60+ Defense by turtling up with Immovable Object or you can try not cheesing it by having a very strong Defense build in addition to Stacked Plate


  • Have 60+ Speed
    • This achievement, I swear to god. There are no speed scaling items, nothing. You better bet on a ridiculously lucky run for you to get this. If you managed to get it another way, I’m curious to hear about it in the comments.


  • Have 100+ max Health (giants wrap early / timeless /gorging mask )
    • Okay, now that’s something manageable. You can cheese this by getting an early Giants Wrap in combination with any low timer spell, Timeless being the absolute MVP, netting you +1 Max HP per turn. Gorging Mask can also be of help to an extent but you would need a strong healing source like Hungry Sun for it to activate each time.

Save Our Souls

  • Have 500+ Souls
    • You get a lot, and I mean a lot, of souls during the four stages of the dark ending. So don’t really bother with your count until then, and buy good items for you to survive the boss gauntlet. High Clarity gives you a lot of bonus souls, making this even easier.

Flesh Wound

  • Go from full Health to 1 Health in a single turn (get the heart jar)
    • Trivial achievement: just get the Restrained Heart and you’re done! It will drop you straight to one HP, just remember to fully heal beforehand.

Fragile Mortality

  • Reduce your max health to 1 with the Fountain of Life
    • Spam click that shrine!

Well Prepared

  • Reach the boss on maximum health
    • The easiest way is to keep a Full Heal Scroll in your pocket and to use it just before the boss stage. Finding a Fountain of Life or any other healing event just before is also an option.

Hanging On

  • Reach the boss with 20% or less health
    • This one is very organic, let the enemies hit you a bunch on the last floor, but take care to not die in the process of it.

Specific Action Achievements

Cold Hearted

  • Freeze 50 creatures
    • You will most likely get this by playing the regular way, but keep an eye out for Glacier in combination with a high Defense build, you will rack up those freezes very fast.


  • Poison 50 creatures
    • Similarly to Cold Hearted, you will get it by playing. Items like Suffocate, Touch of Decay and Plague help a ton.


  • Poison 10 Banefangs
    • This challenge is very convenient since poison is one of the best ways to dispose of those pesky snakes. 10 instances of poison are achieved pretty quickly if you remember to use them on Banefangs.


  • Parry 50 creatures
    • Items like Guards and Parrying Shield ramp up your parry chance, and when combined with a high Defense build, they allow you to deflect almost every hit.


  • Successfully Stealth past 10 different creatures in a game
    • The Dark Candle gives you a passive stealth boost, and Shadowstep grants you three free stealth checks. Top it off with items like Nightshade Wraps and Shadow hood and you’ll be as sneaky as a ninja.

Snake Sneak

  • Stealth past 10 Banefangs
    • Getting in a fight with Banefangs is rarely advantageous since they have a monumental speed. If you cant poison them or do damage outside of combat, stealthing past them is the better option most of the time. Work towards this achievement while playing for other objectives.

Shadow Walker

  • Successfully Stealth past 100 different creatures


  • Transform 20 creatures
    • Items like Dark Pact, Dark Defiance and Transformer will transform a lot of enemies in a short amount of time.

Stop Hitting Yourself

  • Kill 10 creatures with reflect damage
    • To reflect damage, equip Spiked, Spike Suit and some defensive gear. The high defense will let you withstand more hit while you farm the reflect kills.

Ambitious Intent

  • Attack Owl friend (needs to survive one hit)
    • Nothing of great importance here, apart from the fact that killing Owl Friend will reduce it’s HP pool by 25% during his boss fight (that you are now locked in). Watch out, you must survive his first hit for the achievement to be obtained!

Heavy Hitter

  • Deal 25+ damage in a single attack
    • Now we’re getting into the really synergistic part of achievements. The best way to succeed is to get a hold of Eruption and stack your damage, with Tasty Beans, The Crow and other high Attack equipment. To ensure a crit, try to find Grounding Force, which forces every fourth hit you give to be critical.

Max Damage!

  • Deal 99+ damage in a single attack
    • Repeat the steps above, but with added luck on the stats upgrade and events. Good luck you can do it!

A Quick Escape

  • Exit a room without attacking any creatures
    • Get in the very first room, sneak past the few beasts that are here, and you’re done!

Just Looking Around

  • Reach Depth 6 without attacking a creature
    • An extension of A Quick Escape, focus on high stealth and defense items and try to heal as much as possible to nullify the damage you will take when escaping combat.


  • Reach depth 6 without drinking any potions
    • There is a big trap in this challenge. You would think that just sneaking around to get to floor 6 as fast as possible is the way, but there is a catch. You will stumble upon the Oh… A Visitor event, and if you don’t have enough souls to buy something (usually around 25), you will be force-fed (drunk?) a potion, killing your attempt. Kill enough early monsters to have 25 souls and then rush your way out.


  • Complete a run in under 18 minutes
    • This gets easier the better you know the game, don’t really focus on it until you are very familiar with the game and the rest of the achievements are done.

An Offering

  • Use a Shrine
    • Click the shrine, go on, i’m watching. Don’t be shy.

I Am Overburdened

  • Have a full inventory
    • You will most likely end up with a full inventory at the end of your run anyways. When in the last 2 floors, try to buy cheap mimics and reroll them to find items for your missing slots.

Consecutive Curses

  • Get cursed by potions 3 consecutive times
    • The plan is simple, tank your clarity as much as you can (starting with Double Candle helps), and once you think your odds are good enough, go to a Reprieve room to spin the wheel!

New Perspectives

  • Shuffle 10+ times in a single run
    • Fire Frenzy and Volatile rooms make the achievement quite easy to get, combined with the shuffle crystals that spawn on regular floors.

Grave Digger

  • Dig up an item in the Graveyard
    • You need first of all to get the Shovel. It has a secret interaction when used in the Burial Grounds. When digging out your first grave, it will give you Bone Pearls, a super-strong item, especially early on.

Good Boys

  • Pacify 25 Hounds
    • Using the Hand of Dog, transform enemies into cute little dogs, and pat them afterwards! Finding the Companions event may offer you a lot of additional Puppers to pacify.

Never Too Many Hats

  • Equip 8 different Head slot items in one playthrough
    • This one is tricky. You will want to have as many as possible from Merchant, Generosity, Shovel and clarity-enhancing items. There is the most headgear in the Common pool, so buy and refresh grey Mimics to find helmets. The merchant allows the grey Mimics to be free of charge, and Generosity offers two items for the price of one.

Master of Strategy

  • Complete a run without any Epic or Legendary items equipped
    • This would deserve a guide of its own and is nothing to be taken lightly. You will want to use all the solid rare items like Cover of Darkness, Rapier, False Confidence and Chestplate, and to be very efficient with your scroll and magic use.



  • Unlock 70 Achievements
    • You did it, you reached the summit, the end of your journey! I hope this guide helped you at least a little bit, and if you found it helpful, feel free to rate it, suggest improvements or share your experience about specific achievements!

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