One Piece Sees Yamato Stepping Up for Momonosuke and Shinobu

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga is still in the midst of the Wano Kuni Arc where the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the alliance, targets Yonko Kaido and Orochi’s regime. There have been lots of revelations that have been happening since the start of the arc and it seems that the author is still not yet finished with the surprise.

Currently, the latest One Piece Chapter 994 covers the continuation of the rain in Onigashima. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates crew is still out of the scene to face Kaido. Only the remaining members of the Nine Red Scabbards are facing the might and power of Yonko Kaido.

In the past few chapters of the One Piece manga, we have seen the introduction of Yamato. Initially, everyone thought that Kaido has a son but it turns out that Yamato was a girl. Unlike his father, Yonko Kaido, Yamato seems to be idolizing the late Kozuki Oden and is following the trail of Oden.

One Piece fans have also witnessed Yamato finally meeting Oden’s son and introduced herself as Kozuki Oden, which shocked everyone who heard it. Momonosuke finds Yamato’s words as absurd and instead of facing her, run away with Shinobu.

One Piece Chapter 994
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Yamato started chasing them and at the same time, they are also facing Kaido’s subordinates who are trying to stop them. Shinubo tried her best to protect Momonosuke but due to the endless number of opponents coming in, she can no longer resist them.

After a long run, Shinubo falls down but fortunately, Yamato stepped in to face the opponents. While Shinubo and Momonosuke still can’t trust Yamato, they have no option but to put their lives to Kaido’s daughter. Yamato revealed that after Oden’s execution, she immediately went to the castle hoping she can rescue Momonosuke. She was still a kid during that time and all she can do was to watch his father, Kaido, strangled Momonosuke on the edge.

To cope with the unfortunate events that happened 20 years ago, Yamato stepped in to face the enemy forces and defend Momonosuke and Shinubo. As she introduced herself as Kozuki Oden on their first meeting, Yamato revealed her real name to Momonosuke and shouted that she is willing to die for him.


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