One Piece Sees Marco the Phoenix Joining the Wano Country Arc

One Piece manga is slowly getting close to the climax of the Wano Country Arc. The previous chapter sees how Luffy and the alliance successfully infiltrated the base camp of the enemies. However, it seems things are not doing well for our protagonist as he always messed up every plan.

Just like what he did in the previous arcs, Monkey D. Luffy seems to have an attitude not sticking to the plan. Their mission was to silently infiltrate the base and make a surprise attack once everything is ready. But in the previous manga chapters, Luffy along with Zoro and Kid made a scene revealing themselves to the enemy.

Now that the enemies know that they have escaped the Udon prison, they are now being hunted. Onigashima Island is currently full of strong enemies such as X-Drake and the Flying Six, All-Stars, Orochi, and the two Emperors.

Knowing that these names are not just small-time pirates, Luffy and his friends are surely in a bad position. Fortunately, it seems that things are getting balanced as the latest One Piece Chapter 981 confirmed the addition of three strong allies.

As seen in the latest One Piece manga chapter, the two remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates and a strong leader of the Minks will be joining the fight. These are Marco the Phoenix, Izu, and Nekomamushi.

In the past, Izu was a resident of the Wano Country. He got a chance to meet the Pirate King and Oden. Marco, on the other hand, has a connection with the Minks and knowing that Nekomamushi personally asked for his assistance, it’s not surprising to see him join the battle. In addition, Luffy was also present in the war and given that Whitebeard entrusted Ace’s fate during the rescue mission in Marineford Arc to Luffy, Marco seems to repay it.

Marco has been re-introduced in the series by taking on the members of the Big Mom Pirates. As we all know, the ship of the Big Mom Pirates was brought down by King during their first attempt to enter the country. This is also the reason why Big Mom lost her memory after being drowned.

In Chapter 981, Perospero and the others tried to climb the waterfall again and enter the Wano Country. However, they are surprised upon seeing a bird silhouette. At first, they taught it was King but Perospero realized that it was not. They were greeted by Marco the Phoenix by pushing their ship once again.

Before the chapter ends, Nekomamushi and Izu were also spotted. Nekomamushi was amazed upon seeing the falling ship while Izu responds that it was Marco’s doing.

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