Observer: System Redux – How to Get All Achievements

In this Observer: System Redux guide, you will be able to learn how to obtain all the achievements on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Observer: System Redux is one of the games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In fact, it is one of the launch titles for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. If you’re one of the players who want to complete and obtain all the achievements in Observer: System Redux, then continue reading this guide.

Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux Achievement Guide

A work in progress

  • Find all RC cars and recall a memory of Adam.
  • There’s a total of 4 RC Cards in the game. These are located at:
    • RC Car #1: At your arrival on the lobby, spot the RC Car roaming around. It will stop in from of Room 017.
    • RC Car #2: Under the table in the dining area on the second floor.
    • RC Car #3: You will spot another RC Car roaming in the courtyard. It will eventually stop near the dumpster near the Tattoo Parlor.
    • RC Car #4: The last and final car can be found in Helena’s mind sequence. When you see your self walking with the TV, enter the door in front of you. Follow the path until you found the RC Car.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

Voxel runner

  • Earn 3000 points during a single trapware run.
  • Get more than 3000 points combined in Dropping Bricks and Voxel Runner games of Adam’s dream sequence.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

I am an Observer

  • Complete your first Dream Eater sequence.
  • Just finish Amir’s mind sequence game to get this achievement.
  • Reward: 20 Gamer Score

It’s a trap!

  • Survive Adam’s trapware.
  • Finish all the 3 games when you’re in Adam’s mind. Since you can’t win the games, you can skip it by simply dying. The achievement will be unlocked after the games are finished.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score


  • Analyze 100 objects.
  • Using your Biovision or Electromagnetic vision, analyze 100 different objects. Duplicate objects will not be registered. It must be unique.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

By any other name

  • Find all roses and discover the final resting place.
  • There are 4 roses that you can find in the game. These roses are located in:
    • Rose #1: At the entrance of the basement found near the courtyard.
    • Rose #2: In the catwalk near Room 208.
    • Rose #3: In the birdcage that can be found while you’re following Victor.
    • Rose #4: While in Victor’s dream sequence, go to the Tattoo parlour and head to the left side where you see a grave.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

A death in the family

  • Reject Adam.
  • Complete the game by rejecting Adam.
  • Reward: 100 Gamer Score

Pearls before swine

  • Decide the fate of the organ farm.
  • As you progress through the game, you will find yourself speaking in Room 206. She will tell you something about Room 205. Proceed to Room 205 to investigate where you see a lot of organs. Go to the basement in Room 028. Enter the room using the password 7441 and make your decision.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

The root of all evil

  • Find and listen to all patient interview recordings.
  • There are 4 patient interview recordings that you can found in the game. These are located in:
    • Patient Interview Recording #1: Inside the cables at the entrance of the third floor.
    • Patient Interview Recording #2: Unlock the toilet of a bathroom in Room 110.
    • Patient Interview Recording #3: Room 020 at the basement
    • Patient Interview Recording #4: On top of a table in the Sanctuary.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score


  • Find all nanophage patient cards in a single playthrough.
  • There’s a total of 76 nanophage patient cards in the game. They are located in different places that can be spotted easily.
  • Reward: 80 Gamer Score


  • Find 10 nanophage patient cards.
  • Just find 10 nanophage patient cards.
  • Reward: 20 Gamer Score

Altered states

  • Overdose on synchronization pills.
  • Just take as many pills as you can to unlock this achievement.
  • Reward: 20 Gamer Score


  • Finish the game without dying.
  • During the dream sequence, avoid the monsters following you to avoid dying. Note that most games will not bring you to death.
  • Reward: 80 Gamer Score

KPD! Open up!

  • Interrogate 20 tenants.
  • Just interrogate and interview 20 tenants. They are scattered around the map such as the basements.
  • Reward: 20 Gamer Score

The prodigal son

  • Embrace Adam.
  • Finish the game by embracing Adam.
  • Reward: 100 Gamer Score

Drug trail

  • Interrogate Amir’s clients.
  • Complete Amir’s dream sequence then interrogate the tenants in Room 209 and Room 112.
  • Reward: 20 Gamer Score

Body snatcher

  • Decide the fate of the merging minds.
  • Complete Pieta Sagan’s mind sequence in Room 114 after speaking with Paulina in Room 113.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score


  • Decrypt Adam’s figurine.
  • In the beginning of the game, go to Adam’s apartment and find the data storage located in a cupboard in the kitchen. Complete Helena’s dream sequence and proceed to the Tattoo Parlor. Go to the basement and use the decrypting station to decrypt the data file.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

Noble Sword

  • Complete all With Fire and Sword: Spiders arcade games
  • Just complete the 17 levels of Fire and Sword: Spiders games.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

Tears in the Rain

  • Witness the lost moment
  • In the Attic, go to the second floor and find the bird cage where a white bird is waiting for you. Interact with the bird and will give you a cutscene.
  • Reward: 20 Gamer Score

Her Fearful Symmetry

  • Find out the lovers fate.
  • You need to find the 4 shrines and complete the puzzle on each shrine. You need to read all the messages in these shrines then proceed to Room 207 using the password 3092. There, you need to investigate the computer. After investigating, go to the basement and enter Room 037 using the password 8394. Complete the mind sequence. After the completion, exit the room to get the achievement.
    • Shrine #1: At the lobby, you will the shrine near Room 016. Interact with it to trigger the case. Plug the two cables to read the message on the screen.
    • Shrine #2: In the first floor, the shrine is located near Room 107 and Room 106.
    • Shrine #3: Inside the bathroom near Room 109. Interact with it and everything will go dark. Use your night vision and plug the cable.
    • Shrine #4: In the second floor, find the shrine near Room 211.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

Errant Signal

  • Find the source of the distress call.
  • When you get the signal, go to Room 108 and investigate the computer. Open the computer using the password 5232. After investigation, go to the basement and enter Room 018 using the password 2689. Find and grab the hard disk from the drawers behind the table. Use the hard disk in the computer. Go to Drive C using password 12345. Once your in, go to Systems and open Portkey.exe using password 1944 and 0123. Go back to the main menu and select Drive V and open Opendoor.bat. Exit the room to unlock the achievement.
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score

It Runs In The Family

  • Find out the true reason behind the hanged man’s death
  • Reward: 40 Gamer Score


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