Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary – How Do NG+ Works?

A lot of people on discord have asked what New Game Plus does. I made this guide to help other players understand how NG+ functions, and to relieve unnecessary stress.

If you are still going through your first run, be aware that this guide contains some minor spoilers.

What Makes NG+ Special

With NG+, you can:

  • Play through the story again.
  • Earn Champion rewards a second time. Your highest score for each Champion remains on record.
  • Receive once per run rewards again.
  • Try out master difficultly.
  • Receive another set of Spectral Familiars. In Eternity’s End, your chosen familiar gives an Infinity Flame and its egg. In a normal save, your familiar does not drop an egg.

Before starting a NG+, be aware that:

  • Map progress is lost
  • Keeper rank is reset
  • Monster Army is cleared
  • Chests are reset

An NG+ can be saved on another slot, so you don’t have to worry! You can change your character’s name before starting an NG+. Upon starting a NG+, you are prompted to choose a Spectral Familiar. If you choose a Spectral Familiar you already have, you will not receive a duplicate.

If you wish, you can play NG+ as many times as you like.


Some items are carried over when you begin NG+, though some items do not for balancing purposes. Items that are not carried over are refunded for an amount of gold.


  • All eggs carry over.

These eggs cannot be donated to the Monster Army until you encounter one of its species.


Carries over:

  • Level Badges
  • Monster Bells
  • Skill Potions
  • Skill Resetters
  • Shift Stones
  • Switch Stones
  • Clear Stones

Doesn’t carry over:

  • Crystal Shards
  • Level 40 Badges
  • Craft Boxes
  • Reward Boxes Lvl 1-5


  • Food items do not carry over.
  • Converted to gold.

Combat Consumables

  • Combat consumables do not carry over.
  • Converted to gold.

Craft Materials

  • Craft materials do not carry over.
  • Converted to gold.


  • All catalysts carry over.

Key Items

  • Currently, no Key Items carry over.


  • All weapons carry over.
  • Weapon upgrades are reset to +0 (+5 -> +0, etc.)


  • All accessories carry over.
  • Accessory upgrades are reset to +0


All monsters you own are carried over, although:

  • Their levels are reset to 1.
  • They gain experience when inactive until they reach the level they were prior to NG+ (does not affect monsters hatched during NG+).
  • All food effects are cleared.
  • Skill Potion effect remains.
  • Shifted monsters retain their shifts.
  • Monsters left at the farm at Horizon Beach will remain there.

Explore Abilities

You cannot use certain Explore Abilities until you encounter a monster that has it. (example: encountered a Silvaero. You can now use any monster you own with Improved Flying)

Due to the Spectral Familiars having Tackle (Toad), Claws (Wolf, Lion), and Flying (Eagle), these are instantly available upon beginning an NG+.


And that's all for this Monster Sanctuary guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Monster Sanctuary? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by CapricornCancer. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.