Lost Epic

Lost Epic – All Lithograph Location Guide

Locating all the Lithograph to complete the current Long swords and Bows trees. As the game is still in early access a lot of things will be added as they are implemented into the game.

Mount Harrtyl Lithograph Locations

Lithograph Fragment 1

It’s not hard to miss as this is the very first area you will climb.

Lithograph Fragments 2-3

Right after Fragment 1’s spot these 2 are just directly opposite of each other on the map.

Fragment 4

This requires you to have unlocked Break by acquiring the monument in the Stairways accessed by going to the bottom left exit from the Ivy Passage and work your way Up and Right.

Lithograph Stand

Rewards you with the first half of the Longsword tree.

Lake Pelgrand

Due to the non-Linear nature of a Souls game, you can access certain parts of the world if you are good enough. But this is basically like Area 1 but with Water. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Fragment 1

After 1 area after the save point it’s under a tree.

Fragment 2

Most likely easy to miss as it is hidden in a treasure chest that is hidden behind a transparent wall.

Fragment 3

An annoying area as it is in the bottom of the area (possibly recommend you beat Jei to get Swim to make it less annoying).

Fragment 4

More Swimming this is en route towards Jei’s area but also working your way towards getting back to the tall outpost to speak with the knight to get the second half of the bows.

Lithograph Stand

It is on an island in the middle of the area. The reward is the first half of the bow tree.


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