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Hokko Life – How to Get Mining Axe and Unlock Mining

This guide will teach you how to unlock mining in Hokko Life. In addition, we will also give you the details on how to get a mining axe that you can use in the game.

How to Unlock Mining

To open the mine, you must first blow up the rock that is blocking the entrance. To do so, you will need a bomb blueprint, which you can obtain by completing quests for Sherf or Hector. When you complete their quest, they will reward you with a bomb. You can get the blueprint from Sally and then build the bomb. Placing the bomb is similar to placing anything else; you will be given a small white marker indicating where you will be placing it. Take your bomb and head to the mine entrance, where you can set it down and blast your way inside.

An aside. Some claim that in order to unlock the bomb, you must have the fashion shop and 6 townies fully settled in your town. Some claim that the quest was given to them by other townies. Some people have started the blueprint with fewer houses. If you have a different townie who gave you the bomb, please leave a comment and I will include it.

How to Get Mining Axe

You must enter the mine and walk around for a while to obtain mining lanterns. Return to Sally, and they will now have a blueprint for the mining lanterns as well as a new steel pickaxe.


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