Hitman 3 – How to Get Keep Your Eyes Peeled Trophy

Check out this guide to learn how to obtain the Hitman 3 trophy called Keep Your Eyes Peeled. This trophy will require players to make a target slip and fall while evacuating in a skydiving suit. Below is the step-by-step guide to getting this trophy in Hitman 3.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled Trophy Guide

In this guide, we recommend executing this mission starting at the Meeting Room in Dubai in the mission called On Top of the World. Once you’re there, your mission was to get the evacuation keycard from the security room on the 3rd floor.

Exit the room and enter the door marked with “Maintenance” sign on the left side. Take out your camera and open the window remotely and wait until the two people leave the room. Hang to the ledge and go to the right side until you reach a pole that you can use to climb up to the 3rd floor. Climb until you reach the scaffolding. Again, bring out your camera to open the window.

Hitman 3

Once inside, lure one of the guards going to a room. Kill the guard and use his uniform to disguise yourself. Proceed to the security room and grab the Evacuation keycard inside the safe. The password to open the safe is 6927.

Hitman 3

On your left, grab the banana on the table next to the sleeping guard. Exit the room from the door in front of the sleeping guard, then turn left, and you’ll see a golden door. Enter that door and proceed until you find the stairs. Go upstairs and find the keycard reader where you can use the Evacuation keycard. You have to swipe the card in the keycard reader located on floor 5 and floor 4.

Hitman 3

Wait a few minutes until they put on skydiving suits. Plant the banana that you grabbed earlier on the floor where they jump off. To do this, equip banana, hold L1+R1, then triangle to place peels on the floor.

Hitman 3

All you have to do is wait until the target with a skydiving suit reach the area and watch him slide. Congrats! You have unlocked the Keep Your Eyes Peeled trophy!

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