Haikyuu Chapter 388 Release Date, Spoilers: Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers Second Set

After the intense match during the first set of the match between Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers, Haikyuu Chapter 388 will mark the start of a new match. Hinata and the Black Jackals got the first win but that doesn’t mean Kageyama and the Schweiden Adlers are going to give up.

Join the Black Jackals Volleyball Team as they continue the match against Schweiden Adlers. Will Kageyama be able to take back the momentum and clearly set the court for his teammates? Continue reading as we tell you the Haikyuu manga chapter 388 release date and ways to read it online.

Haikyuu Chapter 388 Release Date

The newest Haikyuu Chapter 388 will be released on March 29, 2020. This manga series runs on a weekly schedule, meaning that new chapters are being released four times a month.

The previous chapter 387 was released on March 22nd, so this makes chapter 388 to be out by Sunday. We suggest to regularly check our site as we will bring you more Haikyuu news and updates.

Haikyuu Manga Chapters Reading Guide

The upcoming Haikyuu chapter will be available on Viz Media and Manga Plus app and website provided by Shueisha. However, expect to see initial details and spoilers for the upcoming chapter a few days before the official manga chapter releases.

Please be aware that these leaked chapters are usually translated by the community and not the authorized distributors. We, at Riot Bits, highly recommend reading Haikyuu Chapter 388 from the legitimate sources to support the manga creators.


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