Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – All Zombies Perks, Upgrades, and Effects

Check out this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (COD Cold War) guide to learn all the available Zombies perks and its effect. Also, discover when will it be unlocked and all the other requirements.

The zombie mode in Call of Duty Cold War is full of action and intense encounters. If you want to survive the undead, make sure to equip yourself with the perks. If you’re wondering what perks are, these are skills that are useful fighting the zombie horde. These perks can be found in vending machines or from the drop of the Coffin Dance Easter Egg. Of course, you can also equip more than one perk to increase your chance of survival. Below you will find all the zombies perks, their effects, and when to get them.

COD Cold War Zombies Perks

All Zombies Perks in COD Cold War

  • Jugger-Nog – Increases maximum health by 50. Unlocked at Level 1.
    • Level 1: Reduce status effect durations by 50%
    • Level 2: Armor Plates replenish 25% additional armor
    • Level 3: Increase maximum health by 100
  • Speed Cola – Increases your weapon reloading speed by 15%. Unlocked at Level 4.
    • Level 1: Switch weapon faster
    • Level 2: Field Upgrades recharge increased by 20%
    • Level 3: Increase reload speed increased by 30%
  • Quick Revive – Decrease time to regeneration to full health by 50% and decrease time to revive ally by 50%. Unlocked at Level 18.
    • Level 1: Increase crawl speed when downed by 100%
    • Level 2: Reduce the time delay to start regeneration by 50%
    • Level 3: Reviving teammate will also heal yourself to full health.
  • Stamin-Up – Increase running and sprinting speed. Unlocked at Level 33.
    • Level 1: Increase backpedal speed
    • Level 2: Immunity from fall damage
    • Level 3: Walk faster while weapon aiming
  • Elemental Pop – Every bullet fired has a chance to get random base Ammo mod effect. Unlocked at Level 41.
    • Level 1: Weapons has also a chance to apply random base Ammo mod effect
    • Level 2: Cooldown for Ammo Mod reduced by 20%
    • Level 3: Ammo Mod’s current Skill Tier will also be apploed when the user received a random Ammo Mod.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri – Removal of scope swaying and aiming down sight moves to enemy critical location. Unlocked at Level 51.
    • Level 1: When enemy is at full health, +100% extra critical damage is applied
    • Level 2: Damage against armor pieces increased by 50%
    • Level 3: Decrease hip-fire spread

Upgrading these zombies perks requires you spend 1 Aetherium Crystal per level. Example, you will be needing a total of 2 Aetherium Crystal to get the Level 2 upgrade of your selected perk.

And that’s everything you know to know about the zombies perks in Call of Duty Cold War. While you’re still here, also check out our COD Cold War Zombies Challenges and Rewards.


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