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Brick Rigs – Bank Heists and Cops ‘n’ Robbers Preparation Guide

When people will start making their own rides for their favorite Cops ‘n’ Robbers? When I came up to building Grand Theft Auto vehicles, I also had problems with some vehicles, so, how to solve them, is described here. This guide will cover the proper vehicle-making for the game modes in Brick Rigs.

Vehicle Problems

As I mentioned – some light or overweight vehicles have their own issues. Light ones flip easily and hard to keep traction. Heavy ones have bad handling, and usually end up drifting, but still no traction. I thought of building a medium vehicle (steel or aluminum, perhaps) with a fast engine. The problem is not solved. Since that, I abandoned building such cars.

Meet Stinger, the test car I will show the things on.

The solution came up once I found BMC Spectre GT, with a so-called (but actually useful thing) Downforce Module, consisting of only a few flaps that keep vehicles on the ground at high speeds, increases braking, and maneuverability.

Installation of such module is also described in guide Downforce.

This is how Downforce Module from BMC Spectre GT looks like. Consists of 8 same flaps with 25 degrees negative, and always on.

Downforce module is necessary for all vehicles that are fast, and have to “listen” to the driver, so they drive just as they have to, no flips, no tip-overs. no drifting. Exactly perfect driving. That means:

  • The top Speed must be over 300 kilometers per hour. (215 miles per hour).
  • The turning radius of the front axle must be at least 45 degrees (this is the most reliable radius, as bigger values usually lead to traction loss, and, usually, need to slow down in order to turn then.)
  • High acceleration. To reach 100 kilometers per hour, the car, usually, must be already on 2-nd gear at least. With powerful engines and high fuel capacity, it usually takes from 4 to 8 seconds.

Highlighted bricks show downforce modules at Stinger.

So, this is the first important modification to be installed on vehicles. It improves speed and maneuverability, which is important during police chases if you do not want to end up busted by feds.

Where to Store the Stolen Goods and Loots

Meet Virgo, the next contestant I will show things on.

Usually, as seen in videos about Brick Rigs cops and robbers’ gameplay, nobody was using normal civilized ways to transport the money out of the scene and to the hideout. Players playing as Robbers usually stick it in their hands and making a run for it, or put it on the roof of their cars. So, for more experienced players, the gang rides are bound to have working trunks.

To build a trunk for a car, you have to dedicate where the hinges will be and set them either to custom signal with a switch or to any of the toggle input commands (like Invert Steering, which I usually set on my rides, Beacon, Warning Light, etc.). Then you have to separate the space between the cockpit and the trunk, (you actually do not want that money to fly into your nose when you are stopping your vehicle) so set up a wall of some blocks (usually, some scalable do the trick).

The 37-brick Trunk of Virgo

Also, you may spot some money falling off your trunk. Solve this problem too – lock down the wheel arches, so the money will not hit wheels and will not phase through the car. Set up some round blocks, or mudguards. Also, armor the bottom of the car, so they will not phase through the car, “and break several laws of physics”.

This is how Virgo’s trunk looks open. You can insert anything in, and carry it with you in the car.
Note how wheels are locked with bricks. This will prevent money from ditching the car.

Once you built the trunk of your car, you definitely now can load the money inside the car, so you will not lose it on your way home.

The Drive-By

Meet the Forelli ExSess, the last contestant to show things on.

I took most of my inspiration for this mechanism thanks to Joey Jazz’s prototype vehicle with drive-by mechanism, named The Drive-By Bastard, a black muscle four-door with 3 seats equipped with prototype drive-by mechanisms. But the problem, they were only 180 degrees turning and angled a bit, so they were not so nice for the first time.

Joey Jazz’ The Drive-By Bastard. Note how Bob leans out of the car, ready to fire.

So, I thought of building my own drive-by mechanism. Based on machine gun turrets, and a part the mechanism built by Joey Jazz, I constructed the mechanism, that gets the seat a bit higher out of the car, and allows players to shoot 360 degrees in cars that have not so high greenhouses.

My own Advanced Drive-By Seats, with decorated machine guns, and full free aim for all 4 seats.

Also, I added a vertical aim actuator, so you can freely aim in the first person and fire at feds.

The only last difference of said Drive-By mechanisms is the need for a bit bigger car, and possibly the instability for shooters. A driver has to steady the car to allow passengers, or himself, to fire accurately at targets, cuz rapidly ramming the vehicle, speeding it up, turning, and braking decreases the gun’s accuracy, and they usually miss a lot.

How the seats look installed on Forelli ExSess.

So, once you have all three modifications installed and customized at your will, your first (or just another) Heist Modded vehicle is ready, and you can go test it out!

Fully modded Forelli ExSess with all aforementioned modifications.

The Practice

Once all three cars I was shown gave you the knowledge you came here for, it is time to give some practice examples on how to get used to Heist Modded cars. Feel free to try any practice examples!

Example 1 (You can bring friends to race together) – Racing

Yes, racing. To practice and test out your Downforce Module and file the handling of your car, you will want to take it out for a spit. Go to Racetrack, drive a lap and see if your car actually is doing well. If the downforce is not powerful enough, set up more flaps below the car. If it spins, add vertically angled flaps (fins) to prevent fishtailing and spinning. It will also give stability at high speeds since cars can be stuck turning some way left or right. To prevent that, add vertical flaps.

Example 2 (You can bring friends to hunt the train together) – Train hunting

Become that annoying buzzer and chase train. Drive-by on it, and you will practice how to gently drive your car, how to steady it, and will maybe find some more exposures in the downforce module, to fix it later.

Example 3 (OPTIONALLY FRIENDS REQUIRED) – Test robbery

To find out how much cash your trunk can hold up, and to get better practice in heists, set up a bank, and rob it yourself. Stick all cash you can inside your awesome new car, and see how much you can take. Once you have enough take, leave the bank, and hide. If you have friends, they can act as cops trying to slow you down or to bust you. Have enough fun practicing Cops ‘n’ Robbers together, you will entertain yourself, friends, and give yourself some lessons on how to rob different banks.

Also try out switching to different banks, cause not all Cops ‘n’ Robbers servers use the same bank, so practice makes perfect.

Example 4 (AT LEAST ONE OR TWO FRIENDS REQUIRED) – Test police chase

To practice you and your friends with your brand new Cop Car and Heist Modded vehicle, go on together, and play a chase. Getting busted or wasted does not decrease your fun, as you guys learn and modify your vehicle to prevent these mistakes from repeating.

Factically, try anything you want and get experience with your new rides, and yourself.


And that's all for this Brick Rigs guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Brick Rigs? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Super Cop. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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