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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Reveals Jigen’s True Identity

Ukyo Kodachi just dropped the newest chapter for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revealing the real identity of Jigen.

The series continues with the fight between Jigen and Koji Kashin. While we know that Jigen is the leader of the Kara organization, we still have little information about him. In the latest Boruto Chapter 46, we finally got to know more about him as the chapter reveals his true identity.

Jigen’s Real Identity Revealed

Before we continue, note that this article contains spoilers. If you’re following the series in anime, then this will be a major spoiler for you. If spoilers don’t bother you at all, let’s jump right into it.

As Koji and Jigen fight, Amado reveals that their true motive of being a member of Kara was to take down Jigen. Knowing that Jigen is drained after fighting Naruto, now is the perfect time to execute their objective.

Naruto and the others are watching the intense fight until Koji mentioned that Jigen was Isshiki Otsutsuki. Everyone was shocked upon hearing this and Amado clarified that it was Isshiki who accompanied Kaguya Otsutsuki going to their planet.

Isshiki and Kaguya’s Connection

While their mission was to plant the divine tree and harvest its chakra fruit, Kaguya turned against Isshiki. Kaguya’s motive was unknown but she brought Isshiki on the verge of death. But before Isshiki totally dies, he managed to take over the body of a novice monk who happened to be around and survived. That monk was Jigen.

If you’re wondering how Isshiki Otsutsuki managed to transfer to Jigen, make sure to follow this link as it reveals how the Otsutsuki’s are being revived.


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