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Borderlands 3 – Might Beyond Sight Achievement Guide

Here’s a quick guide on how to get the achievement called Might Beyond Sight in Borderlands 3. This achievement requires players to destroy 50 mysterious Eridium piles.

How to Get Achievement

With the introduction of the Director’s Cut DLC, some of the Eridium piles that were scattered through the game became invisible. If you know where some of these Eridium piles appear (as in the Carnivora map’s building), you will notice that even though invisible, you can still see the legend to break the piles.

So, the player can farm the piles knowing where it spawns and reloading a map over and over until it’s done.

Alternatively, after finishing a series of Ava’s quests that were introduced in this DLC as well, you will receive an artifact that lets the player “see” (if equipped). These invisible piles, which now glow, unlike the others.

Although you don’t need this artifact to break the “mysterious Eridium piles”, it helps you to see its location, making it easier to achieve the goal. In addition, the player does another achievement this way: Demysteriouslierified.

So, the player can farm the piles in two ways:

First,  knowing where it spawns and reloading the map:

Second, solving the murder mysteries for Ava’s podcast, doing another achievement this way (Demysteriouslierified), and obtaining the Mysterious Artifact at the end that lets you see the Mysterious piles.


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