Boku no Hero Academia Sets Up Shigaraki and Eraserhead’s Fight

The Paranormal Liberation War arc continues in My Hero Academia with the release of Chapter 275. The latest manga chapter showcased a lot of actions and also builds up the fight between Shigaraki and Eraserhead. Knowing that Tomura already acquired the power of All for One quirk, that’s a piece of pretty bad news for everyone. Will Pro Hero Eraserhead be able to withstand his might?

Shigaraki on the move

The latest My Hero Academia Chapter 275 features the continuation of the Paranormal Liberation War arc and it showcased how Shigaraki moves to take Izuku Midoriya’s quirk, One for All. Shigaraki stopped fighting Endeavor and decides to flee to Deku’s location. However, things are not going smoothly for him as the heroes followed and interfered to stop his madness.

As Shigaraki arrives at Deku’s location, he tried to take down Midoriya and Bakugo. Given that he got a power upgrade, the Class 1-A student doesn’t stand a chance to deal with him. It’s a bad situation for Deku and Bakugo but fortunately, Gran Torino arrives to save them. Gran Torino grabbed the two students and escaped while telling them that it’s not the time for them to fight the villain.

Shigaraki vs Eraserhead

As the three escapes, other pro heroes tried to stop Tomura. One of them is Eraserhead, who has an unsettled issue against the villain. Shota Aizawa was seen with fierce eyes and with his Quirk, he believes that he can stop the enemy.

Aizawa’s quirk is called Erasure which gives him the ability to temporarily cancel out other Quirk powers and abilities, making the Quirk unusable. Currently, Shigaraki possed lots of Quirks because of the ability of All for One. Will Eraserhead’s Quirk be able to stop multiple powers possessed by one individual? Let’s find out once the Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 276 releases on June 26th.

My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hero Academia, is created by Kohei Horikoshi and was serialized by the Shueisha to be part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in July 2014. As for the anime adaptation, the series already got a total of 4 seasons.


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