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Black Clover One-Week Hiatus Confirmed, Chapter 254 Official Release Date Revealed

The Black Clover manga is getting intense especially with the power-up that our main protagonist is getting. The previous chapter seems to be hinting the end of the fight between Lolopechka and Noelle against Vanica. However, fans should be extending their patience as Yūki Tabata is taking a break before releasing the Black Clover Chapter 254.

After the one-week hiatus, fans will be seeing the outcome of the fight against villains of the series. So while waiting for the release of the next chapter, let’s have a short look at what happened in the previous chapter. Some of the details from the previous chapter may lead us to speculate on what will happen in the next chapter.

Overpowered Vanica Against Noelle

Chapter 253 marks the continuation of the fight against Vanica. Noelle takes on Vanica while being on his mermaid form but it seems that the enemy can withstand her attacks. As Noelle attacks the villain, it also increases her power to protect her from any harm. Lolopechka uses her magic to help Noelle escape from Vanica’s attack.

At the Lucid Sanctuary, the dark disciple is still fighting Mimosa. The enemy told Mimosa to give up but she replied that it will never happen. Mimosa is also in a tight situation knowing that the main source of the dark disciple’s power is still alive.

Mimosa’s Dedication

While being confronted by the dark disciple, Mimosa stands up and told the enemy that she will never give up and states the fact that they trained hard to defeat Vanica and the enemies.

Noelle and Mimosa things about how to save the world and at the same time, remember how Lolopechka improved her power. Mimosa and Noelle were also spotted comforting Lolopechka while she was thinking that she’s a failure ruler of the Heart Kingdom.

Eternal Prison Spell on Vanica

Noelle continues to fight Vanica while increasing their power. Vanica gets excited with the fight as she started using 70% of her power. Noelle remembered the time they were planning to pull out Vanica’s full power and how they will use their trump card against the enemy.

Noelle calls Nero and they talked about how she is going to seal the devil’s power used by Vanica. Nero cast her Eternal Prison spell on Vanica, while thinking that she allows her to take Lolopechka or the world.

Black Clover Chapter 254 Release Date

Due to the schedule changes, the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 254 has been slated to officially release on Sunday, June 21st. You can read the new Black Clover manga chapter in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine or online. Viz Media and Manga Plus are the official distributors that we recommend to access the manga.

The raw scans and spoilers usually come out a few days before the official chapter releases. Expect to get the early spoilers 1-3 days before Chapter 254 become live.


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