BitLife – How to Become a Mafia

There are lots of things and activities in BitLife and one of them is the Mafia update. This BitLife Mafia update brings more crimes and looting in the game. However, you can’t just start a mission with a mafia category if you’re not a member of a mafia family.

So, the first thing you have to do to start a mafia adventure in BitLife is to join one mafia family. But how can you join a mafia family in BitLife? Below is the guide on how you can join a mafia.

BitLife Mafia

How to Join a Mafia in BitLife

To join a mafia, your character needs to be at least 18 years old. Go to the Occupation tab and search for the Special Career category at the bottom. Enter that category and you will be seeing lots of specialized careers that you can join. One of these specialized careers in the specialized crimes that will require your character to be a member of a mafia.

As of writing, there’s a total of 6 mafia families that you can choose from. These mafias are:

  • The Mafia
  • The Latin Mafia
  • The Irish Mob
  • The Russian Mob
  • The Yakuza
  • The Triad

Each mafia family have different notoriety and you’ll have to prove yourself worthy until they officially accept you. One of the best ways that you’re capable of being a mafia member is by doing crimes in BitLife. In addition, you also need to increase your stats to showcase your worth to join a mafia family.


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