Age of Conquest IV

Age of Conquest IV Achievements Guide

A complete approach on how to obtain all achievements from Age of Conquest IV, including a description of each one and some hints.

Though most achievements are easy to understand, people may get confused about some of them, so I decided to create a guide as no other existed until now. The list is ordered according to how Steam shows up the achievements on your profile, not by rarity. I also share a bit of my own experience within the game.

Age of Conquest IV Achievement Guide

Tutorial Completed – Achievement for a completing the tutorial.

  • Just complete the tutorial. May unlock sometime later possibly due to a bug. In that case, you may try again to see if it’ll unlock.

Played for 1h – Achievement for playing 1h or more.

  • Play the game for 1 hour and you’ll get this one. Not an hour session, one hour counted on Steam.

First Game Won – Achievement for a first game won.

  • Win your first match on any map, pretty easy.

10 Games Won – Achievement for 10 games won.

  • Win 10 matches on any game maps.

Inhuman Victor – Win against the Inhuman-AI.

  • You have to win a match against the Inhuman IA, the most difficult level. Though this may sound tough, there are tricks to beat it easily. The one I did was to set up two civilizations far away from each other on Capture the Flag, but the flag on a province I owned and retain it for 7 rounds, easy peasy.

This is SPARTA – Win a game playing as Sparta.

  • Win a match using Sparta as your civilization. Sparta always starts without any province, with just a ship on the sea, so this will take just a bit longer than usual.

10 Kills – Eliminate 10 enemy units.

  • Kill 10 enemy units, not soldiers.

100 Kills – Eliminate 100 enemy units.

  • Kill 100 units, may take a while.

Explorer – Make a treaty with another culture.

  • This one makes people confused due to its name and by the way, it can be unlocked. You probably won’t get it on the vanilla Ancient Europe maps. It seems the only way to get it is by unlocking the free fantasy world map in the “Maps and Modding” section and doing any kind of treaty to another civilization, that’s the method I used too.

Watch Tower – Build a watch tower.

  • Build a watchtower on a province you own. Watchtowers can be used to spy on other civilizations.

Sexy Time – Hold a fertility festival in one of your settlements.

  • Enact a fertility festival to raise your population. This can be done in your civilization or province details window.

Little Tough Guy – Declare war against a much larger nation.

  • Playing as a small civilization, declare war on a much larger enemy.

Territorial Ruler – Hold 80% more of all the occupiable territory combined.

  • Conquest at least 80% of the whole map in a match. It includes protectorates on default settings.

AI Lover – Being very liked by the AI players.

  • The rarest achievement, though not the hardest. You have to make constant benefic treaties to all other non-enemy AI civilizations in the match, like giving money or selling provinces, to raise their opinion about you up to 90%. This can be checked on the “Opinions” window.

AI’s Least Popular – Being very much hated by the AI players.

  • Get hated by all the other AI civilizations in the match by decreasing their opinion about you down to 90% negative. Easily done by declaring war on them and sending various messages demanding to get out of your way.

Challenger – Creating a ballot to be voted on by others.

  • When you become the most powerful civilization in the match, after conquering more territories than all others, create a ballot to get recognized as the dominant civilization in the world or to start an all-out war. You’ll get this whenever they agree or disagree to do so.

Responder – Casting a vote on a ballot.

  • Vote to recognize or not another civilization that requests to be considered the dominant one in the world or to start an all-out war.

Played for 24h – Achievement for playing 24h or more.

  • Play the game for 24 hours on the Steam count.

1000 Kills – Eliminate 1000 enemy units.

  • Kill 1000 units, possibly the most time-consuming achievement.

Multiplayer Play – Playing the first multiplayer game.

  • Simply play a multiplayer match over the web.

Multiplayer Victory – First multiplayer game won.

  • Play and win a multiplayer match.


And that's all for this Age of Conquest IV guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Age of Conquest IV? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Mr. Wexor. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.