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Eiichiro Oda Reveals His Favorite Scenes in One Piece Anime

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Undoubtedly, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga is one of the hottest manga series in this generation. The One Piece manga series has already produced 96 volumes with almost 900 manga chapters. Apart from the manga, One Piece has its own anime adaptation which is currently at the Wano Country Arc.

The One Piece anime has already more than 900 episodes and among all of the released episodes, you may be curious which part is the author’s favorite. Well, look no further as the recent interview with Eiichiro Oda has revealed his top scenes from the anime.

One Piece

During the interview, Eiichiro Oda has revealed his top three favorite scenes in the One Piece anime. The top spot scene that got the One Piece author’s attention is the opening scene of the Wano Country Arc.

It was followed by the scene from the Sabaody Archipelago Arc where Robin puts mangrove’s tree sap to Usopp. According to Oda, this scene helps the audience to feel as if the One Piece world is real.

Last but not least is the campfire scene in Skypiea Arc, where the Straw Hat Pirates and the people of Skypiea celebrate their victory. This scene was where the One Piece author wanted to draw the most in this One Piece arc.

And that’s the top three One Piece anime scenes that Eiichiro Oda likes the most. How about you? Which scene in the anime amazed you the most?


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